Estate agent printed marketing

How you can use traditional, printed media to get more attention, generate more leads and win more instructions.


In a world where everything’s digital, physical matters more than ever.

The online property revolution may have forced traditional estate agents online, but the trend towards digital creates big opportunities for those who can embrace and leverage print.
15 years ago, your letterbox was crammed full of “junk mail” and your email inbox was like tumbleweed. In 2019, the tables have turned.
Which means more competition in the inbox and more distractions on Facebook, but far less through peoples’ letterboxes.

And unlike the fast-moving transient online world, physical things tend to stick around.


On peoples’ desks, and in their minds.

Put simply:

if you’re an estate agent serious about getting more attention, building your audience and creating more revenue and profit, forgetting the power of print would be a huge mistake.
And at PropertyStream, we can help you with every element of your print marketing.

Direct mail

Get a physical, retainable message into the hands of your prospects
When was the last time you got a letter from someone?  The rarity of Royal Mail these days also means it’s a novelty, which means a more captive reader when you send direct mail through the post.
We can help you with your whole campaign – from planning the campaign through to crafting and designing your sales piece.

Flyers and leaflets

Get your message into the hands of your potential buyers
As a local estate agent, you need omnipresence in your local area. Everyone needs to know who you are and what you do.
And there are few more effective ways to achieve this than with flyering in the postcode areas that reach your target market.
Plus, bespoke, targeting flyering campaigns can help you generate more of the right enquiries, and fit neatly into your post-sale marketing campaign.


Create an unmissable message wherever your prospects are
Posters may seem primitive to some, but if your prospects are in places where you could get your message into their minds, why would you not maximise that opportunity?
We can design you a poster that’s on-brand, on-message and communicates effectively with the people you want to do business with.

Pop-up banners

Take your message with you wherever you are.
Whether you’re exhibiting at events, or networking, a pop-up banner can help cement your brand into your prospects’ heads, communicating why they should do business with you and ensuring that you’re part of the conversation when they’re ready to buy.

Company brochures

Give your prospect something they’ll never want to throw away
Your brochure is the salesperson that sits at the kitchen table for as long as your prospect retains it, and with the right design, we can help you create something that communicates your brand values, talks to your prospect and sells your services.

Read more about company brochures


Never miss an opportunity to get your brand out there
Your brand is the outward expression of who you are and what your agency is all about, and the more people that know about it, the better.
We can help you create a branded package of stationery that communicates your brand message and gets your message stuck in the heads of the people you want to work with.

Why work with PropertyStream on your print?

We understand this industry inside and out, having been pivotal figures in building and evolving brands for leaders like EweMove, Meyers and Martin & Co.
You see, we’re not just “designers”. We’re property industry specialist designers, which means we get your process, your customer journey and what generates you leads and gets you instructions.
And that means that when you use us to design your print, we use our hard-won knowledge and experience to create, from scratch, assets we know will work.

What’s the next step?


Let’s talk. We only work with agencies we can add serious value to, and we need to understand where your print requirements fit into your strategy and how we can maximise the returns you’ll get from it.
Give us a call now on +44 (0)161 672 7826, or email us at and we’ll talk about how you can harness the power of print.
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