About PropertyStream 

Maybe it’s our Manchester roots that make us friendly, straight-talking, and confident. We're committed to our responsibility to deliver incredible results, with heart.


Our story
Strive to win. 

We started PropertyStream back in 2016, because we believed passionately that there was a better way for estate agents to generate leads, gain instructions and build their businesses online.

We’d worked with a number of estate agents through our umbrella brand 22 Group, and all of them had commented on how different our approach was.

You see, we don’t believe that your estate agent website is just a brochure, but online.

Instead, we know that the right estate agent website can be a fantastic source of new leads and instructions.


Our people 
We work as one. 

Striking the perfect balance: we're big enough for efficient operations, yet small enough to provide a personal touch and care for each and every client. With us you’re never a number, and won’t get passed from pillar to post.

We’re a tight-knit team of brand strategists, designers, copywriters, web developers, project managers and marketers working together to elevate brands, websites and marketing for estate agents and businesses in the property sector. 

Specialists in their field, each member of our team brings experience and knowledge that is second to none, and our understanding of the property industry is unmatched. We totally get property.

By keeping everything in-house, our clients benefit from working with us across the board, reducing the stress of managing multiple agencies for different needs.  

We work as one to make sure your brand, website and marketing work seamlessly in striking synergy.


Our website approach
Neat and simple for powerful results.

Website development and support for estate agent websites can involve complex digital integrations and advanced technology, but our clients really value the way we explain processes and requirements in a straight-forward manner. We keep things simple, avoid unnecessary complexity and relieve you of any technical stress that we know you prefer to be without.

Through extensive research, UX testing and conversion rate optimisation, we found out  what really makes website visitors convert into customers on estate agent websites, and we stick to this formula. We  know what we’re doing in this industry, and can help you to create a bigger, better and more profitable estate agency.


Our clients and partners 
Let's make a splash. 

We work with estate agents and businesses in the property sector from all over the UK.

From start-ups, small independent estate agents and multi-branch agencies to franchise networks, trade organisations and prop tech companies, we’re renowned for our personal approach and creativity that deliver stunning designs, lead generating estate agent websites and powerful marketing. 

Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the industry’s biggest hitters including EweMove, Whitegates and Martin & Co. EweMove came to us as a start up and were sold three  years later for £15 million. The website we built for them won The Negotiator Awards ‘Website of Year’ and the Times ‘Best Website of Year’.


Awarded for excellence

Since then, we’ve picked up many awards and accolades in recognition of estate agency website excellence. Being winners and best in class matters. That’s why we’re really proud to be the most awarded website providers in the UK property industry. It gives reassurance to clients that we really know what we’re doing. 

Recently, our clients Foundation won GOLD in the Website of the Year category at The Negotiator Awards 2021, Charles David Casson was Shortlisted and Perry Bishop won Bronze in 2022, and in 2023 we have no less than four clients shortlisted for the award - Bridges, Expose, Thomson Hayton Winkley and Haboodle. Take a look here.


Estate Agency website awards

2016 Winner
Negotiator Best Website
2016 Winner
Times Best Website

2017 Winner
Dezrez Best Website 
2017 2nd Place
Art Division 20 Best Websites
2018 3rd Place
Art Division 20 Best Websites
2021 Winner
Negotiator Best Website
2022 Nomination
Negotiator Best Website
2022 Bronze
Negotiator Best Website 

Our team



Andrew Gibbs
  • Finance and business planning
  • Strategy and communication
  • Love cars and sport, sometimes together
  • Co-founded Europes largest independent creative agency

Digital Director

Eddy Bennett
  • Founding partner
  • Strategy and management
  • Digital direction & standards
  • Ju-Jitsu black belt

Strategy Director

Robin Arnold
  • Founding partner
  • Strategy and management
  • Brand and marketing guardianship
  • Multi award-winning

Marketing Director

Pernilla Tweddle
  • Marketing strategy & campaigns
  • Award winning property marketing
  • Born in Sweden, bred in the UK
  • Loves ABBA, IKEA and all things Scandi

Project Director

Paula Greenwood
  • Over 12 years digital experience within agency and media companies
  • MA Business Management
  • Dogs, music and the moors
  • Writer of songs

Project Manager

Mark Fieldhouse
  • Project & Studio Management
  • 10 years experience in digital industry
  • Big football fan
  • Music fanatic

Lead Designer

Michael Barrow
  • Graphic design, website design and print production
  • Expert in all things branding
  • Big motorsport fan
  • Loves walks in the Lake District

Senior Designer

Louise Arnold
  • 21 years of creative design experience
  • Royal Society of Arts designer of the year
  • Illustrator
  • Obsession with leopard print

Front-end Developer

Jason Dupley
  • Expert in HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS
  • JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js, npm, Grunt, Gulp
  • Ice Hockey Goalie
  • Proud dad of two cats


Chris Thornhill
  • Graphic design, website design and print production
  • Animation expert
  • Street food fiend
  • Seaside lover (especially Blackpool)

Head of UK sales

Adam Francis
  • Revenue Generation Professional
  • Proptech Expert
  • Avid Gamer
  • Interior Design Enthusiast


Yasmeen Jones
  • Meticulous
  • Experienced millennial
  • Retired Raver
  • Heaven; A Louis Vuitton Monogram World

Our values

"Our company culture is down-to-earth, relaxed and friendly - just like our team. We’re a dedicated bunch who pride ourselves on our approachable and welcoming company culture."


Selling a fantasy is the easy option.
Anyone can churn out a hard sell. Instead, we chose the harder path of delivering consistent and real results. We have steadily built up our company on the unyielding cornerstones of quality and reliability. 
Being honest with ourselves and with our clients goes a long way – we manage expectations with regular communication, transparency and a healthy dose of Northern pragmatism. We believe this is essential for establishing trust and building those long-lasting working relationships. And let’s be honest… no-one likes BS.


We know our worth and our clients value this.
Over the years, we’ve tended to believe that confidence is quiet and insecurities are loud, and we have always preferred to let our work speak for itself. However, our passion for and pride in our creations means we always want to stand out above all the noise. Our strong sense of self guides our confidence: we know ourselves, we know our worth and our clients value this highly. 
The road to confidence is a hugely personal journey, and we have experienced this as a team; we have learned to throw our voices out into the crowd, even if it sometimes feels a bit strange at first.


Being friendly makes you feel good.
Our directors, Robin and Eddy, firmly believe a company can be built on the values of integrity, authenticity and kindness. We believe it is a misconception that success only happens to the ruthless. 
Our warmth and openness have attracted a like-minded team and we see it as our greatest collective strength.

There are too many faceless companies out there nowadays and we always like to prove to you that we’re not just a voice over the phone or some words on an email, we’re a team with a complete commitment to our clients and to each other.


We’re truly passionate about what we do.
Commitment is part and parcel of our company culture. We’re loyal by nature, absolutely dedicated to quality and always aware of the responsibility we have to deliver excellence. We’re truly passionate about what we do, and we have a tendency towards perfectionism – who doesn’t want to get a job completely right?

 Our enthusiasm, perseverance and grit are particularly handy for long projects where consistent commitment is essential. As a team, we’re a committed bunch. We’re dedicated to our work, but also to one another and we’re proud of our upbeat and supportive working environment.

We love happy clients

Nicol & Co

Matt Nicol 
We are really pleased with the results and if anyone was thinking of using PropertyStream I'd be happy to give a positive testimonial over the phone, it's been a really positive relationship moving forward.


Mark Meyers
We just want to say thank you to PropertyStream for doing such an amazing job with the branding of our business. Not only is our brand distinct, vibrant and interesting, it was done while focussing on what's important to us.


Glenn Akroyd 
They have built a really fantastic, cutting edge website that has helped us to win business and scoop up lots of awards including the Sunday Times Estate Agent of the Year Award.

Interested in working with us? Get in touch today.

Robin Arnold - Founding partner


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