We created the brand and built the website for this modern London estate agent.


Say hello to Haboodle

Haboodle started in South London in 2023, built on a desire to offer a modern, fresh take on property. An agency that bridges the gap between traditional high street and online estate agents with a modern service delivered by great people, and great tech.

Haboodle Founder Daniel Stevenson needed an agency to create the brand, including helping to find a name. He also needed an agency to write, design and build a website for his ambitious and exciting property venture that was set to raise eyebrows and cause a bit of a stir in the South London market. We were thrilled to rise to the challenge.

Client brief

As a start-up agency, Haboodle needed a new brand and website created quickly, but without any compromise on quality or creativity. The client wanted to establish a brand and business that people are proud to work for, and customers are proud to have chosen.


Objectives for the brand:

In terms of creating the brand, Daniel was clear in his objectives.

  • Smart, modern look with a memorable name
  • Proud estate agents: We’re not trying to hide behind what we do. Our brand needs to show this.
  • Premium: Our brand should say premium but be accessible to everyone.
  • Fresh & modern: Minimalist, striking and simple

Objectives for the website:

The online presentation of the brand and business was critical and Haboodle needed a high performing website that truly, and instantly, portrayed what Haboodle stands for.

With a background in online estate agency, owner Daniel  Stevenson knew the importance of a strong online presence both from a branding point of view but also functionality, to cater for today’s customer who expects 24/7 integrations and instant access to information.


Client vision


Attention grabbing in a crowded space, appealing to sellers and buyers, and agents wanting to join the business. Stunning imagery and design, with an appealing contemporary aesthetic.


Easy to navigate, doing everything a visitor expects with minimum fuss and  fewest clicks. A 24/7 resource reflecting how our customers live.


Conveying the values and the quality of the brand, plus the compelling value of Haboodle’s offer and vast property experience.

Agility & flexibility

A website that has the local agent as its heart, whilst having the ability and the infrastructure to grow nationally.


Fast, efficient, convenient. The website needs to be the opposite of stale and old-school estate agency.


The challenge

Whilst Haboodle was 100% focused on getting the website top notch, as a start-up agency, they needed a website that delivered value and return on investment as quickly as possible. They looked at the offerings around off the shelf websites in our sector, but were completely underwhelmed. 

When Daniel discovered PropertyStream’s Signature23 he knew it was the right fit. “Signature23 gave us exactly what we needed. Stunning designs and an easy to use and fully editable CMS so we can manage content in-house and not depend on sending requests to a website provider. It also has the best UX in the industry so our visitors have a convenient and seamless experience with all the advanced estate agency features and functionality they’ve come to expect”.

Our approach

We wanted to make sure that Haboodle - the name, the visual brand identity and the slick website - brought excitement to the property market. We worked on several brand concepts and names, but were unanimous on the name choice and the final concepts for Haboodle’s brand identity - a strong, welcoming yet fresh and modern brand with a real sense of quality.

Having worked with Haboodle on their Brand Positioning, we wrote the copy for the website to ensure it conveyed a consistent tone of voice with seamless messaging. 

We used our powerful, agile and fast Signature23 product to build Haboodle. The look and feel and key property features and functionality of this product is inspired by some of the best, award winning websites in the property market. With efficiency savings in the planning, design and build processes, we were able to meet tight deadlines to align with Haboodle’s business launch and created the websites within one month.


Signature23  - powering Haboodle.co.uk

We believe this product is by far the most advanced and best value of its kind available on the market, combining bespoke elements with our in-house created components. This also means it is much more affordable than websites that are 100% bespoke. 

Haboodle is built with innovation in mind, using the latest technology and award-winning features and functionality. Some of the features include:

  • The best UX in the industry
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Stunning designs
  • Advanced estate agency features and functionality
  • Easy to use and fully editable back-end CMS
  • Ability to add video content and virtual tours with each property
  • Integration with Locrating
  • Integration with WhatsApp with built in AI functionality

Our tech delivery

We needed the website to represent Haboodle as the perfect combination of people and technology. The website had to offer a seamless, fast, 24/7 resource to enable customers to discover and learn about Haboodle, get in touch with ease, book valuation appointments, book viewings, get instant valuations, find and view properties and conveniently discover local information about nearby areas.

Brand recognition and affirmation was achieved through carefully selected imagery and considered copywriting to match Haboodle’s brand position and values.

24/7 booking facility and convenient ways to get in touch was achieved through integrations with Street (CRM) and Street Insight (for instant valuations), Stitch and WhatsApp for live chat and instant messaging.

We delivered an easy to use, clean property search using Google maps with smart property listings using images on a carousel scroll without having to click into the property listing. 

Through our integration with Locrating, one of the best prop-tech kits around in our opinion, we delivered useful local information and insights to users including SOLD properties, local amenities, broadband speed, price trends, transport and schools.


A word from Daniel Stevenson

“I love our brand and the website. The team at PropertyStream are great to work with, always supportive and never afraid to give honest advice which is invaluable when you’re building or growing a business.

From all the research I did, this product gave me the best value and functionality; none of the other providers came anywhere close in terms of delivering functionality, features and design. The editing tool is great and far superior compared to many other websites we’ve experienced, which gives our site a longer shelf-life too.”

Daniel, Founder of Haboodle.

Results and feedback on Signature23

We’re really proud of this brand which we feel is warm, welcoming and modern, all at once. The website is a great example of our successful Signature23 product and gives start-ups as well as established agents a fantastic platform to elevate their online presence to drive business success. With great editing functionality, clients are able to tweak and move content around with ease and add more pages as they grow, taking control of their website content.

Daniel told us that visitors engage positively with the website, filling in instant valuation requests and booking valuations. Things people have said about the website include “really use to use”, “straight to the point”, “striking branding”, “great functionality”, “gives off confidence” and  “a modern estate agent feel”.

“Since launching the website and business, we have had an aggressive Google ads campaign and a coordinated social media strategy to drive people to our website and this has been instrumental in driving business success. We are seeing visitors engage positively with the website, filling in instant valuation requests and booking valuations.”

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