Lawrence Rand

Striking branding for award winning Lawrence Rand in Ruislip, West London.


The challenge

Lawrence Rand, a multi-award winning residential estate agent in Ruislip, West London, was established by Peter Lawarence in the aftermath of the financial crash in 2008.

Well known and respected throughout the local community as well as the UK property sector for having great people, excellent services and a proactive approach, the agency wanted to broaden its appeal. To evolve the brand and advance the visual identity to speak to the middle and higher end of the market. It was time to move up a gear.


The brief

A brand refresh was the first step in that process. Peter Lawrence approached us with a brief to help him lift the brand to be more sophisticated and aspirational to increase market share in the middle to higher end of the market.

Lawrence Rand wanted to gain brand recognition for simplicity, boldness and style. You should know exactly what you’re getting with Lawrence Rand - the highest quality on every level. It was also important to create a brand that attracts amazing talent; to be a brand that everyone wants to be associated with, whether you’re a client, member of the team, an associate or a supplier.

Standing still is never an option and Peter is absolutely passionate about constantly evolving, changing and improving the business to deliver an estate agency service that moves with the market and customer needs.

Our approach

We like to get to know our clients so a visit to their Ruislip branch in London was calling. We’ve worked with Lawrence Rand before, and knew Peter well, but it’s always great to meet the team in action on their home-turf.

After a branding workshop our creative team went away to develop three design concepts for the new visual identity. We also produced a comprehensive brand positioning statement that included a thorough outline of Lawrence Rand’s brand goals, business objectives, brand story, brand values, core messaging and brand positioning for the revised brand identity. The content in that document helped to inform the direction of the design concepts.


It's in the words

Extract from the Brand Positioning statement:

“Putting you, our customers, at the heart of everything we do is in our DNA. If we don’t listen to you, we cannot deliver the best results. For us, it’s all about you”.


The result

We presented three striking concepts to the client who luckily loved them all! After deliberation and discussions, they opted for a route that was linked to chemistry and evolving elements. This route was designed to reflect the powerful chemistry the client has with customers, team members, the local community, partners and associates. It was also a natural progression to use the Lr logomark from the periodic table that was already in existence, as part of the client’s brand.

To illustrate the link to chemistry and the elements, we created a set of visuals to interact with the logomark. These symbolised chemical interactions featuring vibrant colours that produced a striking and modern visual appearance.

We opted for a more modern typeface, bringing the type closer together. The colours were darkened to give it a more premium feel and high-end appeal. We developed a new colour palette to include a dark navy and warm coral red, as well as the core maroon.

We created sample For Sale and To Let boards as well as concepts for applying the new visual identity in marketing, as well as how to apply the new visual identity in online and offline marketing and advertising.



“To say I am blown away already is an understatement. You really have set the benchmark high. Yet again another amazing job done by you and your amazing team.”

Peter Lawrence, CEO, Lawrence Rand.

“[Peter was lost for words] I can 100% say I have never known Peter to be silent. You have done a wonderful job so far.”

Laura Butler, PA to Director, Lawrence Rand.

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