Horrifying marketing mistakes

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Horrifying marketing mistakes could cost you. Make sure you’re not making them.

Risk is always involved when you market your business especially if you’re going down the bold route so we're here to point out some common marketing mistakes so you can avoid them.

10 marketing mistakes often made by businesses:

1. Making it all about you

Don’t just keep talking about yourself, your customers want content that is of use to them. This goes for your products and services too, give your customers something they would need and want not just something you think is good to sell.

2. Not having a USP

What makes you different to your competitors? That’s what you need to be telling your customers so they choose you. 

3. Not being on social media platforms

Didn’t the pandemic teach you anything? Your online presence is not something you can do without. Social media is another channel for you to build trust with your customers.

4. Not posting blogs

Blogs have many benefits, not only are they additional content for your social media platforms but they help with SEO and more. 

5. Not prepared to use money

Just like with any investment you make, you put money in to get more out. That’s the same with your marketing, you can’t expect to see a good return without making any investment. This refers to all your resources: time, money, tools and people. 

6. Forgetting about current customers

Don’t be distracted by constantly trying to gain new customers, keep in touch with your current ones and make sure you’re going to be the one that comes to mind when they need your service. 

7. Avoiding email marketing

A very cost-effective marketing method, email marketing is great for building rapport and staying in touch with clients or leads.

8. Not posting videos

Videos are growing in popularity on social media platforms and have many benefits. They’re truly a great way to provide informative, educational and entertainment content.

9. Having no call to action

If the overall aim of your marketing is to increase sales and profits then by not providing a call to action for your audience how will they know what to do. You want to lead them to be one step closer as your client. 

10. Not willing to change

Change happens, all the time, so you need to be willing to evolve to keep up with your competitors and your customers. You don’t want to be seen as outdated and old news.

Hopefully after reading the list of horrifying marketing mistakes you’ve realised you’re not doing any of them or identified what you need to change. 

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