What is the importance of videos on social media?

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You’ve most likely seen the increase of video content on social media platforms unless you're someone who "doesn't do social media".

Facebook introduced the ‘Watch’ button alongside the ‘News Feed’ and ‘Notifications’ section which showcases only videos, Instagram has a similar button that is just to view ‘Reels’ and YouTube has a 'Shorts' tab.

But not only on those platforms has there been an increase in videos, when you’re scrolling on any other you’re very likely to see a video. 

The pandemic meant an increase in video content being produced since people couldn’t leave their homes during the lockdowns. As well as that, TikTok - the social network for sharing user-generated videos - blew up and grew in popularity. 

If you’re on that platform you’ve probably found yourself on it for hours or if you’re a fan of YouTube you’ve probably gone down a hole and watched video after video.

After the lockdowns, videos are still very well received. So, why have them in your marketing plan? Why are videos so great? 

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Benefits of video content on social media:

  • Build trust 

By showing your people and processes, you’re building trust with the audience. You’re humanising what you do - people relate more with people.

  • Attention-grabbing

Capture the attention of your audience with a video that leaves them wanting more. At the start of the video, you should mention what it’s about which will then have your audience intrigued. 

Additionally, videos are great for explaining and making information easier to digest. It could be a complicated process, term or project you’re showing where still images and text aren’t great at being clear.

  • Conversations

Producing a video that is on-trend or about a current topic encourages your audience to engage and share their opinions, comment on it or share it with their friends and family. 

  • Repurpose

Making a video might not always be as simple as taking your phone out and recording, it could require your time, resources and money. But these videos are great for repurposing, using across platforms, making snippets and creating shorter versions that can be reshared for another time. 

  • They’re popular

Watching videos on social media platforms is now the norm. It is such an effective way to distribute entertainment, tell your story and educate your audience. 

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It’s never too late to start creating video content if it’s not on your marketing plan. Relate to your own brand, showcase what you do, your industry expertise and don't forget, a very important element: fun!


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