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The company

Haslams is the leading independent estate agency in Reading. And it’s no wonder, really. They started nearly 200 years ago and are still selling properties in the town that they call home. It’s hardly surprising that they put so much into serving the place they know and love (as you can guess, their customer service is second to none). With nearly 60 employees working in Reading for the Reading housing market, their new office is full of quirky features. It only made sense that they had a matching website to boot.


The challenge

In nearly 200 years, Haslams has evolved and improved a lot. But the website wasn’t quite keeping up with the recent growth. It felt a little dated. And as they were moving offices and rebranding at the same time, they wanted something that reflected exactly where they are now. The old site? Too busy. Not enticing enough. And it just didn’t quite express the bright personality behind this team. Haslams needed something that conveyed their individuality much more closely, and that pulled in new business at the same time.

The brief

This brief wasn’t the simplest. Not only did Haslams need a new, superior website, but they also needed something that worked better for the user. They wanted improved calls to action, a simpler user journey and greater focus on the buyers and renters coming to the website. And they wanted us to bring it all together in a contemporary, functional way that fitted with the rebrand.


Our approach

During a number of Discovery Workshops with the Haslams team, we defined specific target audiences and mapped out the most important brand messages that they wanted the website to convey. We also pinpointed the benefits of shopping for a home with Haslams and used the latest technology in user journey testing to make sure that the website we built was more than fit for purpose. We’ve been working on branding for a while now at Property Stream, so it didn’t take us long to pick the right imagery and articulate exactly who Haslams are. We translated their big personality into a big website – and they agreed that it was definitely very them.


The result

Like the Haslams offices and the team itself, the new website stands out from its competition. The clean, contemporary feel, coupled with its extreme ease of use, makes it a benchmark website for the rest of the industry. Good job too, seeing as Haslams are one of the best independent estate agencies out there. With this website, we showed just how closely we can put personality on screen, and we’re proud to say that the Haslams website stands up to the character of that incredible team in Reading.

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