John German

A website that accurately reflects both their flexibility and modernity.


The challenge

John German has been moving people since 1840. Which is a long time. But successful agents understand that just because you’ve been around for a while, the market doesn’t stand still. It moves, and you need to move with it, which is why they worked with us to update and simplify their web presence, all with the aim of increasing traffic to the website and conversions from website visitors.


The brief

John German wanted us to help them simplify their website, improving their user experience and interface to make it super simple for visitors to easily navigate to the right page for them.

At the same time, they wanted to expand the information available to each prospect, providing specific information for each branch, as well as separate pages from some of their other, more specific services.

And they wanted us to bring it all together with a clean, bold look that was modern, but still communicated their length of time and experience in the market.


Our approach

Without a true understanding of who a target customer is, it’s difficult to build a website that truly meets their needs. And that’s why we drilled down on exactly who John German wanted to work with, and how those people were currently searching for homes and agents.

We agreed that detailed branch pages would help to speak more directly to different geographical areas, as well as the importance of using specific landing pages for paid-for-advertising campaigns, ensuring we could provide the right message for each searcher.

We also identified the need to make it as easy as possible to find the most local branch, and agreed to build in a postcode search.

Also, our understanding of the importance of lead generation and nurture saw us add several impactful lead magnet modules into the website structure, helping John German to convert more visitors into contacts who can be nurtured towards the point of sale.


The result

On a surface level, the new-look John German website accurately reflects both their flexibility and modernity, as well as their history and heritage.

And, thanks to our specific landing pages and on-page search engine optimisation, they’ve enjoyed improved search visibility and traffic as a result.

The bespoke content for each branch, as well as the more localised pages and pages for specific services means that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for, resulting in improved time on the website and more conversions as a result.


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“We are delighted with our new website.”

Thank you to the guys at Property Stream. With Lots of hard work, dedication and many gin & tonics later, we’ve got there!

The website provides a great user experience and the bounce rate has reduced from almost 45% to an incredible 1.3%! Love the fresh design and all the features including hot property alerts, live chat, online bookings and instant valuations. And there’s, even more, to come – watch this space!

Katy Storer, Marketing Manager, John German

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