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The company

With nearly 100 years of trading under their belt, and a committed, friendly team behind them, it’s no surprise that Webbers are one of the market leading independent Estate and Lettings Agents in the UK. They operate across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset and they really know how to help their customers buy, sell and rent in the West Country.


The challenge

With 16 branches, Webbers Estate and Lettings Agents have clearly been doing something right for quite some time. But their website was failing to keep up with their success. It didn’t generate the leads they knew were out there. It wasn’t mobile friendly enough. And it wasn’t exactly anything “special”. Webbers needed something that was up to the job, and that stood out from their competition as much as they do face-to-face.

The brief

Webbers asked us to create them a cutting edge website which reflected both their personality and their position as the leading estate and lettings agents in the South West. But they wanted it to do more than simply point to their prowess; it needed to directly reach Webbers’ target audience, win more valuations and produce them more business. We needed to show that Webbers is the market leader and sell those services that make it so.


Our approach

We got to know Webbers at a number of Discovery Workshops; they have a great team down there. Those days helped us to define target audiences, pinpoint key brand messages and identify the benefits of using their services. Designing the site architecture came naturally and the user-friendly, lead generating and attractive website that now exists was born. We knew it had to be cutting edge so we were ambitious and innovative in our approach. The result? The website now boasts greater engagement, lower bounce rates, better search engine performance and – more importantly – greater lead generation.

Brand application

As one of the biggest independent estate agents in the UK, it only makes sense that Webbers’ website should be a market leader too. So we introduced app-inspired navigation, stunning photography, parallax scrolling and a handy postcode, area and radius map search tool. And that’s not all. We realised back at our Discovery Workshops that the team at Webbers is what really makes the company stand out, so we added a number of staff videos to the website. They really give a flavour of the company’s big personality. Now users can get to know the company, using a fluid site that does everything they want it to.


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