A modern and timeless brand using contrasting colours of blue and pink.


The challenge

Harrisons Homes is an independent estate agents located in Sittingbourne, Kent. They have progressed over the years to being recognised as one of the top 3% estate agents in the country. Their friendly culture and staff make it a priority to meet your property needs and provide the best service. They’re all about being welcoming and self-improvement.


The brief

To stay at the top of their game, Harrisons Homes were after a brand and website refresh. They were previously linked to another branch but separated as they had different values and processes.

They wanted to create a new identity that was simple, honest and trustworthy. Alongside the brand, the new website was to feel young, vibrant and appeal to the younger generations. Additionally, the functionality of their website was to be current and accommodate up-to-date technology.


Our approach

Harrisons Homes’ new branding was to be bold and different – not look like a standard estate agent. With the staff being down-to-earth and local in the area, this was to be reflected through the brand and copy. Humanising the team was really important, making them appear friendly and approachable.

Following on from the branding, we would utilise the colour palette and incorporate it into the design of website pages. Keeping in mind the user experience, the website needed to be easy to navigate and new practical applications, including virtual tours and WhatsApp live chat were to be added.


The Result

The result is a strong, modern and timeless brand using contrasting colours of blue and pink. With the colours, we created a unique 3D logo that can be seen throughout the website and scrolls along with you on the homepage – a powerful visual identity. We incorporated the option for customers to chat to Harrisons Homes via WhatsApp, providing a convenient communication channel. Throughout the site, there are clear Call-to-Action buttons making it easy for the customer to navigate and find the service they need.

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“A great company to be associated with.”

Simply great from start to finish. I’d come across several developers, however Robin was the only one that I came across that took an interest in me and my company and not just the sale. Alex on the design side of things was great, I gave him a little hard time going back and forth in regards to the branding, however came up with what really represents our values and vision as a company.

Eddy was next in line for a hard time, however, excelled all the way through and was always on hand, took my call at all hours of the day and went the extra mile at the end to ensure our launch was ready for Christmas. Yes, in my mind it was very expensive from the start in comparison to others, however, I’m looking back now and feel that it was/is very good value for money and so glad I decided to spend more than less. A great company to be associated with and who have become friends!

Chris Ellis, Managing Director,
Harrisons Homes

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