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A more flexible website to accommodate a growing network of personal agents.


Meet Agent & Homes

Agent & Homes are a partnership of professional estate agents. The network is made up of career estate agents with years of knowledge and expertise who work in their own areas as personal agents. If you sell or let your home with Agent & Homes, you deal with your local personal agent throughout.

Each agent operates in their home patch giving them a real advantage against other agents – Agent & Homes agents are truly local. Their network is national and covers inner city London, the London commuter belt, the Home Counties as well as cities like Northampton, Manchester and Birmingham.


The brief

With a bright and quirky brand, they came to us needing a new, more flexible website to accommodate a growing network of personal agents.

The new Agent & Homes website needed to be aligned with real estate business models seen in the USA, Australia and other parts of the world where the focus is on the realtor, or personal agent, and their location.

It was also important to give their colourful brand and quirky graphics a platform to truly shine.


A considered approach

Getting to know the people behind the business is always really important to us. Following a strategy workshop and discovery sessions, we got to know Agent & Homes, their brand and business model.

We needed to create a website that would reflect the bright and quirky branding throughout – every page needed a strong visual identity. This needed to be complemented by copywriting that portrayed the agency in the right language, style and tone. Agent & Homes is built around a culture of excellence, and the content needed to reflect their strong customer centric values.

We knew that the core focus was to build striking and informative local area pages for each location and agents within the network. We also needed to associate each property listing with an agent.

Agent focused solution

In order to enable their personal agents to grow their online presence and personal brand we created bespoke pages for each area and each personal agent.

We considered the geographical reach of their network – from London to Manchester – and the fact that multiple agents cover multiple areas. In addition, the integration also needed to accommodate the fact that one area could encompass multiple agents.

Using the increasingly popular US / Australian inspired model, we build the site around these needs and provided a solution that allows each personal agent to feature prominently in the Find an Agent section, on their associated area page as well as alongside each of their property listing.

Using the artistic and eye-catching imagery and graphics of the Agent & Homes brand, we ensured there was a strong visual identity throughout the site.

It’s a great site – come and take a look.



“Our new website tells a story about us and who we are.”

We wanted a new website that would showcase our brand and our people, and what we are about but also help our agents win instructions. Working with PropertyStream was a pleasure, the team listened to us and then put into practice what we wanted, they were professional but also guided us in terms of what was possible, what worked and what did not. We learned a lot on this journey and are very grateful to the PropertyStream team.

Rollo Miles, CEO Agent & Homes.

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