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The property industry is waking up to the importance of branding.


A distinctive identity is vital for attracting local residents alongside potential buyers and investors.

Here at PropertyStream, all your needs can be met under one roof. We can establish your brand for you, alongside helping you to market new properties. We can walk you through the entire process, from creating a unique name and logo to launching your very own website with all the latest lead-generating technologies.

Branding and marketing

Here at PropertyStream, we are experts in creating both your online presence and overall brand. Our extensive experience working in the property industry means we know how to differentiate you from the crowd. We can create a name for you as a property developer, create your own bespoke logo and market you towards success.
Let us be the architects of your brand. We have all the tools needed to create a direct and impactful branding approach. The branding process will deliver clarity and identity, the essential elements of any effective brand. A clear brand with deliver ROI, engage with your target audience and be the single differentiating factor that will get you noticed and gain traction in your local area.


Our design services for property developers are comprehensive, impactful and highly customisable. We can create a consistent and unique visual language that can be used right across your brand (website, pamphlets, signs); additionally, we can select the colour palette that will differentiate you from your competitors and create unique graphics and creative assets for a variety of different uses.
From brochures and packaging to posters, stationery and signage, good graphic design is essential for a successful brand identity. We can build every aspect of your brand through immaculate design that is seamless and consistent across every single area. Check out our striking, luxurious design for The Colony, a high-end provider of business spaces, inspired by natural materials and ‘Italian chic.’

Digital strategy, website design and website development

Your website can be the backbone of your business if you make the decision to have a smarter site. Think of investing in your website as you would invest in an essential new member of staff. Your website can be your lead converter if you approach its creation carefully.
Our websites are all stamped with our unique fingerprint: they are responsive, intuitive and designed to stand the test of time. As the shop window to your business, your website is of utmost importance and we have a deep understanding of this. As we brand, design and market all under one roof, your website will have unique continuity and you won’t have to approach a variety of specialists – leave everything to us!

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Property development projects

The Colony – Business members club


As a property developer specializing in providing luxury business spaces, The Colony came to us for help establishing their brand and creating a new website. The brief was focused on the high-end appeal of their brand and our property marketing strategy envisioned the end result being as prestigious and luxurious as their business offering. The branding would focus on creating a bespoke experience through design. They provided a mood board that included the materials, woods, and metals they would be using in their business spaces.



We wanted to create a visually impressive experience with this brand and turn their ideas into a reality. We created a graphic theme for each room which included a bespoke pattern and logo marque. Inspiration came from the natural materials used in the builds of the business spaces and the examples from the mood board provided. The colour palette was inspired by ‘Italian chic’. The light yellow and bronze created a high-end and luxurious feel due to the association with Venetian coffee shops and Versace packaging. The finished result was polished, sophisticated and truly distinctive.


Redwing Living


The property development company, Redwing Living, contacted us with an interesting brief. Could we bring their brand and history to life through design? The history of Redwing Living’s name originates from HMS Redwing, a naval crew that saved the company’s foundry building from a fire in 1844. Paying tribute to the brave crew, the name has historical resonance in the local area. Our brief was to design a property logo and brand for Redwing Living that reflected this history, while still appealing to their target audience.



We came up with a design and brand for Redwing that centred around their name and history. ‘Redwing’ was our inspiration. We wanted to create something that represented the freedom of a bird, whilst still reflecting control. The colour palette we created consisted of warm glows of red and brown, to signify both the name and energy of the company. The end result was a brand with a more commercial edge than traditionally used in the property development sector. Redwing Living has now expanded and is managing over 2,000 homes and retirement properties across the North West.




As a property development start-up, The Vinco Group approached us with a completely blank canvas. They had a clear vision of the affordable accommodation solutions they would be providing, but with four different sub-brands targeted at different users, rooms, students, homes, and groups, they were unsure of how to brand themselves and convey their various messages. We wanted to create a cohesive property marketing strategy for them through clear branding and a property development website that provided all the latest lead-generating technology.



We used research and competitor analysis to gain a deeper understanding of Vinco’s needs. It was crucial to differentiate the various sub-companies whilst maintaining a link to the core group brand. Inspired by the SIP panel-building service of the brand, we created a bespoke stencil typeface that conveys the different elements of the group working in perfect harmony. Their new property development website featured full-screen attractive imagery, a flexible content management system, a multiple category blog, lead generation forms, and visitor tracking.


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