Meyers Estates

Meyers Estates are specialists in selling and letting properties. Incorporating tradition with a bespoke modern approach, they have created and found innovative solutions to help property owners sell fast and with more affordable costs.

The Property Stream effect

Due to Meyers vision of incorporating tradition with a bespoke modern approach, Property Stream found an innovative solution by creating a strongly branded and witty website design. Creating uncluttered imagery that integrated both the fresh new look they wanted and traditional values of the local based business. Working with Property Stream they were able to express to their clients and prospects what they were all about. The creative and unique designs reflected their core values giving them something diverse to make them stand out in such a competitive market.

Clever fox
Calm and considered swan
Determined badger
Extraordinary peacock
Meyers branded car and For Sale sign

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Manchester Office:
26 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 1FY
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London Office:
326 City Road, London, EC1V 2PT
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0161 672 7820
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