Tomorrow’s kind of Estate Agents.


The company

In the 1980’s Whitegates transformed the property sector by introducing no sale, no fee free valuations and 7 day opening times.

They were the first to truly harness the power of multimedia branding with their famous celebrity endorsed TV advertising and strong messaging. Now with 45 branches, Whitegates is one of the largest Estate Agents in the country.

Despite Whitegates’ established history and continued growth, the brand identity over the years had lost its way.

Even the symbolic white gate logo and powerful strapline, ‘Tomorrow’s kind of estate agent’ had been dropped from the brand identity.


The brief

Our brief was to reinvigorate and bring the passion back to the once powerful brand which had lost its sense of direction since its pioneering heyday.

Whitegates has such a strong history in the North of England as innovators… we wanted to build on that.

Our approach

We also brought back the original strapline:  ‘Tomorrows kind of Estate Agents. We resurrected and modernized the iconic white gate icon so familiar in the late 70’s and 80’s

We commissioned renowned Northern artist Eamonn Murphy to create stylised illustrations of the regional landmarks of the areas covered by Whitegates.


Through the brand messaging and new website we combined the good traditional Northern values Whitegates are known for: trust, honesty and pride with the latest lead generating technology and research.

The brand refresh and website has helped Whitegates once again stand out from the crowd and the industry leading digital marketing and website has turned the attention into solid leads.

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