The Greenroom

A smart, clean and professional property website that was easy to use.


The challenge

The Greenroom is a unique estate agency serving Mumbles and Gower in Wales. Whilst selling all types of homes, they specialise and have expertise in Land, Development and New Homes across South and West Wales and are all about using creativity to market specific details of a property, bringing out and highlighting the best features.


The brief

Starting out as a new venture, The Greenroom was set up by Nick Christofides and Alex Carr. Both carrying years of experience in the property industry, they wanted to offer a unique and fresh approach.

For their new property website, they wanted it to have a strong focus on developers and new build homes and in terms of the design, they wanted it to be very clean, sophisticated and stand out using stunning photography.


Our approach

We wanted to incorporate slick movement with animations to make the website feel dynamic. To keep it simple and clean throughout, the content would be minimal and concise, even on the property pages.

The images to be used would be reflective of their brand, their position in the market and demonstrate the type of properties they work with. In addition, we would choose a noticeable shade of green to use around the website making it a strong choice for CTAs or highlighting certain aspects.


The Result

The result was a smart, clean and professional property website that was easy to use. On the homepage, smooth transitions with the use of animations gave the website some life and the rotating images used reflected their brand identity. Throughout the website, the use of impactful property imagery really helped to portray the kinds of properties they sell.

On both the ‘Working with developers’ and ‘Selling and buying land’ pages there are helpful step by step processes to inform the relevant audience. By providing value added information to the user without overexplaining and using too much content, it illustrates how The Greenroom works.

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