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Moorhouse, a startup estate agent in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, was founded by Jason Taylor who brings heaps of estate agency experience from running another agency partnership for many years. With a keen eye for what works and what doesn't in the industry, Jason aimed to establish a business where values, quality and transparency took precedence. He envisioned a stand-out brand that reflected his independent spirit and commitment to excellence.


A clear brief

Jason approached us with a clear vision: he wanted Moorhouse to embody a modern, boutique-style estate agency known for its quality service. Jason required a complete brand identity creation, including a logo, logomark and brand application on For Sale Boards, brochures, website and marketing.

The challenge was to stand out in an industry saturated with outdated brands and reputations and to appeal to a discerning audience that values quality and service and to whom design and style matter.

Additionally, Moorhouse sought our expertise in crafting a comprehensive brand positioning statement to articulate the business ethos, tone of voice, key messages and brand story. Once the brand identity was established, we were tasked with designing, writing and building their website to showcase Moorhouse's unique proposition effectively.

What was the challenge?

The primary challenge was to develop a brand identity that resonated with Jason's vision of style while maintaining a focus on minimalistic design. We needed to create a look and feel that exuded sophistication without exceeding the client's budget constraints. Moreover, we had to translate this boutique feel seamlessly into the website design while ensuring it remained cost-effective for a startup business. The website needed to appeal to a tech-savvy audience where seamless UX and 24/7 features and functionality are a given, such as viewing property tours, gaining local insights and booking online valuations.


Results to impress

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a brand identity and website that exceeded expectations. The logo and logomark, inspired by high-end fashion aesthetics, epitomised Moorhouse's commitment to timeless elegance. The use of natural lifestyle imagery and minimalist design elements conveyed sophistication and style across all brand touchpoints.

The website, built on our Signature23 platform, struck the perfect balance between style and affordability. Its minimalist design and intuitive navigation ensured a seamless user experience, while the inclusion of clean property interiors and striking mono-toned for-sale boards reinforced Moorhouse's commitment to quality and professionalism.

Overall, our approach enabled Moorhouse to establish a strong brand presence in the competitive estate agency market. By delivering a cohesive brand identity and website that reflected Jason's vision, we helped Moorhouse stand out from the competition and attract its target audience of discerning clients who appreciate quality and value.


Powerful marketing

Our commitment to Moorhouse extends beyond the initial branding and website development phase. We provide ongoing marketing support, which includes crafting and optimising regular blog posts and implementing effective SEO strategies. Our SEO services have yielded remarkable results, propelling Moorhouse to the forefront of local search rankings within a short time span.

In just five months Moorhouse has surged over 37 positions to secure the coveted second spot on Google, accompanied by a substantial 58% increase in website traffic. These strong results underscore the effectiveness of our marketing, SEO services and collaborative approach in driving Moorhouse's online visibility.


A word from Jason:

“The experience and results have been excellent. We are a new business, and the team’s patience and dedication were a great help. They created both a wonderful brand and a stunning website for me. The whole team have been excellent with special thanks to Robin, Mark, Pernilla and Michael.”

Jason Taylor, Founder, Moorhouse.

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