Why use a landing page?

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Undeniably a great marketing tool, landing pages are fantastic for your digital marketing campaigns.

You’ve probably heard about how amazing they are for conversions but if you’re not familiar with the term, you’re probably wondering what a landing page is and why you should use a landing page.

Back to basics, what is a landing page?

A landing page is a specific web page that a visitor will land on by clicking a link. The aim of a landing page is to convert them into leads.

You’ll find no navigation bar and a form on the page for the visitor to complete where you can capture their details.

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How landing pages work

1. The visitor clicks on a call to action and ends up on the landing page.
2. They read the content and fill out the form on the landing page.
3. You get the data they filled out in their form and are now in your database.
4. They are now a lead and you can market to them.

After filling out the form, they should be led to a ‘thank you’ page.

What are the contents of a landing page?

  • Heading

    Let your visitor know what the page is about with an interesting title and a short description of what you are offering.

  • Concise content

    Your landing page does not need to be packed full of information. You should identify the visitor’s problems and address how you have a solution and the benefits to them.

  • Trust elements

    Build trust by adding elements such as testimonials or professional and award logos won by your estate agency.

Also, it’s important to ensure the message is consistent with the visitor’s source. If it’s different, they might think they’ve clicked the wrong link and will go back.

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Why use a landing page?

You now have a good idea what a landing page is, so why use a landing page? Here are some reasons:

  • Target your audience

    Since the content on landing pages is straight to the point, you can target it to the specific audience you are trying to reach making it very relevant to them.

  • Gain leads

    You are safe to assume that the person who has landed on your page is interested in what you have to offer, this means that when they fill in the form they are likely to be a qualified lead.

  • Increase traffic

    With content relevant to the visitor, it will draw them onto your landing page which can lead to leads.

  • Build SEO authority

    The targeted keywords and SEO friendly approaches used for the landing page will encourage organic traffic to your website.

  • Use as part of a PPC strategy

    A landing page will contain a focused message which will entice someone to click on your link and since the information is applicable to the customer they will likely become a lead.

  • Straightforward

    The landing page won’t have a navigation bar which ensures there is nothing to distract the visitor, there’ll just be the content then a form to fill in.

Need a landing page as part of your marketing strategy?

PropertyStream have a talented team who can provide a solution to your estate agency website, branding and marketing. We can help you create a landing page, design it in line with your branding and write compelling copy.

If you have any questions or want to know more, we’d be happy to have a chat – email marketing@propertystream.co or call us on 0333 242 0647.

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