Jul 14, 2021

Why customer reviews are important


The majority of your customers will read a review before engaging with you. It’s hard to judge a service when there is nothing tangible to indicate the quality. 
Naturally, people will go online and search what is being said about a business or service, making customer reviews very important. 
Whether negative or positive, they’re read and it’ll help a customer decide whether or not to go with you.
Estate agents have a lot of competition and reviews are one way to set them apart from competition.

an estate agent discussing with a client about leaving a review for them

Are you using all your channels to get reviews?
  • Social media
As well as sharing and shouting about your fantastic 5-star reviews, you can also ask for others to write or share their stories about you. 
  • In-person
Completed a property transaction or finished helping your client? It’ll be a prime opportunity to ask for a review. Especially if you have built up a great rapport with them.
  • Correspondence
Sending out emails or letters? Another channel for you to ask for reviews. This is a fantastic opportunity if it’s not a one-off transaction like with your landlords or tenants.
Make writing a review as easy as possible for your customers. They’re more likely to provide a review if it doesn’t take them long and it’s simple to do. And, tell them this!
If you ask and don’t get a response, ask again or try a different approach. If it was a mass, general send out for reviews try again by personalising it or even incentivise them. Sometimes a small incentive can sway people to writing a review.

man on his phone about to leave a review for an estate agent

It’s inevitable that you can not make every single person happy, as hard as you try. Therefore, they might end up writing a negative review.
You should not just ignore negative reviews. In fact, all your reviews should be responded to and acknowledged. When others see that, it’ll send a positive message about your brand image.
From your Google reviews to Facebook reviews, make sure you’re replying to them all –  it’s all part of reputation management.
Reviews aren’t just good for your marketing, feedback is always helpful to see if anything needs to be improved or changed in a business. 
Here at PropertyStream, we understand the influence and value reviews have on estate agents. From incorporating reviews on your website to help convert or shout about them through marketing campaigns, we can help.
Take a look at our work here
Email enquiries@propertystream.co or call 0333 242 0647, we’d love to have a chat. 


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