Dec 8, 2021

What are the benefits of Google My Business?


Google My Business (GMB) is a free Google platform that allows you to display your company information and details including address and opening hours on Google Search and Maps.
Not only can you share your business details but you can do a lot more with Google My Business:
  • Reply to Google reviews
  • Post updates about your services, offers and events
  • Add images
GMB is not just for businesses with a shop front, if you are online-only you should still consider using it because it’s fantastic for improving local searches.
You’ve probably done a Google search before for ‘places to eat near me’ and got a list of places in return. If those eateries didn’t have a GMB, they would not have appeared in the list, therefore, you want to make sure YOU are showing up for local searches.
two people using google maps to direct them in a car
What are the benefits of GMB:
  • It’s free!
Setting up and posting on your GMB doesn’t cost a penny. This means it’s a great tool and another outlet in which you can reach your audience.
  • Reputation management
Manage and keep track of your internet reputation with GMB. Replying to reviews is a must, especially if it is negative, it shows your audience that you care and how you deal with negativity will say a lot.
  • You’re in control
You can control the information about your business shown on Google like your telephone number and operating hours.
  • Brand awareness
Share and publish updates about your business by posting. Like posting on Facebook or Instagram, the look and content of your posts will help build up brand awareness.
  • Reach more people
By having a GMB profile you’re more likely to show up on those local searches your audience are doing and posting on your GMB will help increase your visibility.
  • Increase local SEO visibility
The business details you provide on your GMB makes it easy for your audience to learn about you and will help to increase your local SEO visibility.
  • Promote your business
Posting doesn’t cost and many scheduling tools allow you to connect your account to their platform making posting across all your social media channels more efficient.
We hope the above benefits help you see why utilising your GMB is useful and if you don’t have one, what are you waiting for? Creating and setting up your GMB profile is easy to do and their dashboard is user-friendly.
Make sure to keep your details up to date and post regularly on your GMB. Treat it like another social media channel – share news, offers or events and provide quality content.
With GMB posts you can set a CTA with your post to give your audience direction. Make sure to make use of this, it can drive traffic to your website or possibly even convert a lead.
lady typing into google on a laptop
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PropertyStream are specialists in branding, website design & development and marketing for the property industry.
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