How To Use The GDPR To Advance Your Estate Agency

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How much is your data goldmine worth and how are you going to manage it?

GDPR is fast approaching

As you’re probably more than aware, the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to replace the Data Protection Act (DPA) on the 25th May 2018.

We’ve had our ear to the ground about this - and we have to say - we think the new regulations are fantastic: it is about time things got shaken up.

Let's look at this objectively. The GDPR law itself is being introduced with the intention of greater transparency, enhanced rights for citizens and increased accountability. How will that affect your estate agency? In short, you will only be able to keep your clients data until it's served its purpose, i.e. you complete the sale. Once that deal is finalised, you can only stay in contact if that person gives you the authority to do so. We think this is excellent news. Go get that permission.

The way we see it, 200,000 hot prospects that are open-minded to the right estate agency are far more valuable than having a million unresponsive contacts. The number of agencies with data that they are not yet utilising is scary. It doesn't take much to turn these leads into a flourishing hotbed of landlords looking for an agency they know, like, and trust to collaborate with.

As it stands, estate agents have until the spring to update their databases. We couldn’t think of a better opportunity to bring your services to the forefront of landlords minds and gauge their interest levels in a non-intrusive way. But don’t wait until May when GDPR hits, we suggest that you strike while the iron is hot and contact them now.

Contacts that want you to update them are worth their weight in gold. By piquing their interest and getting the permission to reach out to them, you put the ball in your court: a strong position to be. Now, with the help of informative, helpful, and timely communication, you can begin to build client relationships that last a lifetime. The most efficient and cost-effective method? Email marketing.

Outdated paper circulars are both damaging to the environment and are pointless clutter which takes up space on welcome mats. Email marketing is a fantastic way to captivate a variety of prospects, build trust in your brand, and promote your services in a way that removes pressure.

Where do you even get started? Here at Property Stream, we can help you prepare for the shift over to the new legislation. We will source and clean your contact data on your behalf, and help you develop an ongoing email marketing strategy; including appealing content and eye-catching design that ensures optimum engagement.

To find out about our email marketing services click here or give us a call on 0161 672 7820. Our team would be delighted to discuss our services with you and show you how we can transform your luke-warm database into a thriving hotbed of engaged clients.

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