The “secret” behind every successful agent

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The world isn’t struggling for new marketing strategies.
Indeed, the property world isn’t either.
Whether you want to run Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter, Snapchat or Tiktok, whether you want to send direct mail, email and postcards, whether you want to put ads in local newspapers or magazines, you’ll be able to find multiple strategies for every single one.
But here’s the thing: while a number of those things can be useful, they can also be distracting, as well as detracting from the one thing that all agents need in their businesses:
A database of the right prospects, complete with contact information.
The truth is that you can be using the most advanced marketing and media tools available to you, but if you forget the importance of your database, the chances are that you’re not going to achieve the success you want.
And when you think about it, it makes sense.
If your marketing strategy fails to account for the importance of collecting prospect data, allowing you to market to them again and again, then it’s doomed to, at best, mediocre results.
After all, very few of us will buy from a business after one interaction. It might take five interactions, it might take 50, but if you don’t have the data that allows those multiple transactions, you’re giving your agency a one-shot chance of converting a cold prospect to customer.
What’s my point? Well, it’s simple: does your marketing system reflect the importance of building a database? Do you have strategies to get the contact details of your prospects?

If not, that needs to change, and if you need some help to make that happen, get in touch and we’ll chat through our Private Client offering.
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