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Our Values: What Defines Us

Maybe it’s our Mancunian roots that make PropertyStream friendly, straight-talking, and confident. We believe it is important as a company to have a strong sense of self, unwavering principles and a commitment to delivering incredible results, with heart. Our values underpin every decision we make and provide a strong foundation for our future projects. Like a compass that always finds true north, we’ll be guided by these principles in every interaction we have with you.

We’re in the business of being friendly

Our directors, Robin and Eddy, firmly believe a company can be built on the values of integrity, authenticity and kindness. We believe it is a misconception that success only happens to the ruthless. Our warmth and openness have attracted a like-minded team and we see it as our greatest collective strength. There are too many faceless companies out there nowadays and we always like to prove to you that we’re not just a voice over the phone or some words on an email, we’re a team with a complete commitment to our clients and to each other.

We’re straight-talking (…we’re Northern)

Selling a fantasy is the easy option. Anyone can churn out a hard sell. Instead, we chose the harder path of delivering consistent and real results. We have steadily built up our company on the unyielding cornerstones of quality and reliability. Being honest with ourselves and with our clients goes a long way – we manage expectations with regular communication, transparency and a healthy dose of Northern pragmatism. We believe this is essential for establishing trust and building those long-lasting working relationships. And let’s be honest… no-one likes BS.

We’re confident, without arrogance

Over the years, we’ve tended to believe that confidence is quiet and insecurities are loud, and we have always preferred to let our work speak for itself. However, our passion for and pride in our creations means we always want to stand out above all the noise. Our strong sense of self guides our confidence: we know ourselves, we know our worth and our clients value this highly. The road to confidence is a hugely personal journey, and we have experienced this as a team; we have learned to throw our voices out into the crowd, even if it sometimes feels a bit strange at first. We aspire to continue to ‘level up’ our confidence as we move forwards into the future.

We’re committed to excellence

Commitment is part and parcel of our company culture. We’re loyal by nature, absolutely dedicated to quality and always aware of the responsibility we have to deliver excellence. We’re truly passionate about what we do, and we have a tendency towards perfectionism – who doesn’t want to get a job completely right? Our enthusiasm, perseverance and grit are particularly handy for long projects where consistent commitment is essential. As a team, we’re a committed bunch. We’re dedicated to our work, but also to one another and we’re proud of our upbeat and supportive working environment.

Here at PropertyStream, we value a strong brand and image above all things. At the heart of this are your brand values: the DNA of your company, your integral blueprint. Establishing this vital aspect of your company means your clients can recognise you from the crowd.

If you would like to chat further about how we can promote strong brand values for your company, give me a shout at: +44(0)161 672 7826



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