The Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Estate Agency Website

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The Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Estate Agency Website



It’s shocking that in today’s virtual world, only one in four websites have a mobile-friendly site. One-third of people with smartphones use them as their primary form of internet access. When consumers are growing more and more technologically-savvy, it’s vital for websites to keep up. Here are 5 benefits to having a mobile-friendly site:


Improved User Experience

This one goes without saying. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly usually fit themselves into one of two categories. Sometimes the website will present itself as a mess of unorganised text. Or, you can be faced with the complete desktop display fitted to your phone. In this scenario, you’re constantly zooming in and out, scrolling left and right, trying to read a simple paragraph. This is going to come off as unprofessional and outdated. 60% of mobile users simply abandon the webpage when encountered with problems like these.


Improved SEO

Many phone-friendly sites create separate HTML's catered towards mobile users. You might notice “m.” before the URL of the most accessible mobile sites. This increases the site’s search engine optimisation. This means that the website has a better chance of appearing higher-up on mobile search results.


Faster Website

As technology advances, we are growing more impatient as consumers. We want our tech to be loading websites before we know we want to search them. Mobile phone service providers often use their internet speeds as their top selling point. Mobile-friendly sites, especially when tailored to mobile search engines as mentioned in the previous point, load much faster than sites that aren’t optimised. Most mobile users will abandon a page that takes more than 6-10 seconds to load.


More Time on Website

First impressions count. You can often tell whether a site is mobile-friendly from the second it has loaded. The layout of a mobile-friendly site will be instantly accessible while compelling the user to explore. Phone users may be on the move, so they need a site they can peruse whilst walking or taking transport.  You’re more likely to turn them into customers if they're spending more time on the website.

More Profit

At the end of the day, all these benefits are about turning visitors into customers. In the real world, meticulous planning goes into the more popular shops and supermarkets. Aisles and sections are arranged in a way to guide customers through with ease. The same approach needs to be taken online with your website pages and user experience.

34% of all online purchases take place on smartphones, and that percentage is only going to keep rising. In today’s growing market, estate agent websites need to take a hold of their future by adapting to consumer needs and staying up to date.


Our mission here at Property Stream is to help you grow your business by creating a powerful brand experience for your customers. We do so by creating a cutting-edge website platform fully optimised to reach mobile users. To find out how we can help you, get in touch today on 01616727820.

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