The accuracy of online review websites to be challenged by the Competition and Markets Authority

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Word of mouth has always been a deciding factor for consumers when selecting to work with property professionals but with the revolution of technology, thousand of reviews have become available at the click of a button.

Online review websites for the property industry such as Agent Tracker, Witch Property Agent and Estate Agent Review are becoming a just as important tool for buyers and sellers as the opinion of a friendly neighbour or a distant relative. It then begs the question, how accurate are online review websites?

According to CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) they have been informed of instances where potentially misleading practises have been carried out such as fake reviews, negative reviews being withheld and it not being made clear where businesses have paid for endorsements.

In the CMA’s priority report for 2016/17 published here they state analysing the accuracy and effectiveness of online review websites as one of their priorities.

It may be time for online review websites in the property industry to shake up the way the work. If you need any help our tech-savvy team are always on hand at 0161 884 0112

And we can assure you all of our reviews are real!

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