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Isn’t ‘brand story’ just another unnecessary piece of marketing jargon?

In a way. The idea of the ‘brand story’ isn’t new.

It’s been around since, well, since forever, probably. 

A brand story is different from traditional advertising approaches. Instead of giving information about your brand, a brand story evokes an emotional reaction.

In doing so, customers will feel an increased sense of connection to the brand, which will hopefully translate into brand loyalty.

So, it isn't a new idea - but does that mean it's necessary for you?

In a word, yes.

If you're not making your brand human, you're missing out on harnessing a powerful emotional pull. You're missing out on nurturing true brand loyalty. to do it?

3 ways to use the 'brand story' in your marketing.

   1. Add some personality.

Whether it's in your social media posts, email marketing or brochures, you have to let your personality show. Faceless companies don't cut it nowadays! Make sure your tone of voice fits your overall brand. For example, if you pride yourself on the professional reputation of your company, don't go for super informal emails. Keep it consistent.

   2. Get nostalgic (if you can).

This is a great tip for those companies which have a lot of history. If your business has been around for a fair amount of time, consider using the powerful tool of nostalgia in your marketing. Maybe you could revive the original logo, or create a marketing campaign that showcases the history of your company.

   3.  Tell your story.

The most obvious tip by far! This goes a long way. Consider adding a section on your website which tells your story. Why did you get into your line of business? How did it all happen? Any bumps along the way? Storytelling is such a natural way to win people over. When people know your story, they feel invested in you emotionally.

If this just seems like too much time and effort, consider getting some advice and help. Did you know we can create your very own brand story? Read here for more details.

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