Stuck in a rut

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I’m very fortunate that my role allows me to spend time with a lot of property professionals.
And I love it. It’s an industry I love working in, and even after many years of working with agents, I still get the buzz that comes from increasing the number of leads and sales our clients achieve.
I also get the chance to peek into the lives and businesses of our Property Stream members, which gives me a great insight into what makes them tick and what gets them stuck.
Maybe things are humming along just nicely for you right now, but if they’re not, today I thought I’d take the opportunity to share three pointers on how to get unstuck and out of any rut or trough you find yourself in:
1. Go back to the basics.
What do you sell? Why do you sell it? Why should people do business with you rather than your competitors. When you re-articulate that, not only will it give you increased confidence, but it’ll also help you hone your marketing message more effectively.
2. Don’t do it alone.
Marketing isn’t easy, and you’ll often find the best marketing campaigns have had scores of people involved in the creation, as opposed to one. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – if we can be that help for you, then please get in touch.
3. Talk to someone who motivates you.
If you’re not excited about your business and about moving forward, the chances of you actually moving forward are pretty slim.
But often it’s hard to motivate yourself, which is why having trusted people around you that can re-energise and motivate you is crucial.
If you are feeling stuck, then whatever you do, do SOMETHING.
The longer it goes on, the harder it is to take action.

And if you want some support to do just that, get in touch and we’ll chat through our Private Client offering.
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