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In my experience, part of the main reasons that most estate agents don’t achieve what they want to with their marketing is because they don’t run straight lines.

Confusing? Maybe, but allow me to explain.

You see, the truth is that most agents ‘zig zag’ much more than they even realise.

Imagine you’re running a race; you need to get from point A to B.

The path wends its way up hill and down dale, and through long grass, so you dutifully follow it, hoping to reach your destination.

Which you do. But much, much slower than you would have if you’d run in a straight line.

Had you gone to the top of a hill before you started, or checked the topography online, you’d have realised that by running in a straight line, you’d get there a lot faster.

The same is true with marketing. Imperfect activity may well get you to your destination, but much, much slower than if you’d just consulted a map or got a bird’s eye view.

How do you do that?

Consult someone who’s run – and won - the race before.

Someone who knows the fastest route, and will avoid you zig-zagging your way to the finish line.

Do this, and you’ll finish more races, more quickly

David Gascoyne 

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