Starbucks, surveys and estate agents

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Starbucks, surveys and estate agents

If you saw a Starbucks ad with the below logo, what would you think?

 If you were being generous, you might suspect that it was part of some clever marketing ploy by the coffee giant; less generous and you’d probably think they’d messed up somewhere along the line.

Or, if you’re into fantasy, you might think you’d been transported back to 1992, when that logo was last used.

Whatever you thought, you’d almost certainly be confused, and the experience would be unlikely to enhance your view of Starbucks.

 A simple example, and one that highlights the incredible importance of brand consistency, not just in coffee, but in the estate agent industry too.

  • Is your brand consistent in all your communications?
  • Is your tone of voice the same every time?
  • Is there an unfailing adherence to your brand colours?
  • Do all your assets match each other? Is your website clearly related to your printed collateral?

In my experience, most estate agents would like to say “yes” to these questions, but hand on heart, few of them can.

And the impact consistency has can be considerable, and not just in an airy-fairy “pretty pictures” way.

You see, the average revenue increase attributed to consistent branding is 23%.

Not a figure to be sniffed at, is it?

A survey of over 200 businesses indicates that:

  • Most businesses believe that consistent branding impacts business performance
  • 71% of them believe that inconsistent branding confuses the marketplace
  • Most know their brand presentation isn’t consistent
  • Most of them have brand guidelines, but only a quarter of them properly enforce them

Where does your agency sit? If you know your brand consistency needs work, we should talk…

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