Jul 1, 2021

Social media publishing tools


Marketing on social media can be difficult if you don’t have the time. It’s constant and even though social media is known to be conversational and topical, planning is required. 
There are some social media dates that never change and should be in your social media calendar like Christmas, or trending days like National Pet Day.
Getting ahead of the dates and creating your posts or even having ideas on what you want to do is a great start but putting it all somewhere to have it in one place might be your problem.
Say hello to social media publishing tools. A platform to make your social media marketing easier does exist! Plan, schedule and execute in one place.
If you’re thinking it’s just for digital agencies, think again because anyone can use them. 
iphone with social media apps on display
Pros of using social media publishing tools
  • Multiple accounts in one place
Log in to the publishing platform and find all your social media accounts accessible from there. If you have several accounts it can be hard remembering usernames and passwords on the spot. 
  • Efficiency
Instead of logging in and out or switching between apps, if you’re posting the same content across all your platforms, you can do it so with most social media publishing tools. 
  • See your schedule
See everything you’re posting that day, week or month on one page. When all your accounts are linked up, you’ll be able to see what and when posts are happening. 
  • Other features
There are several social media publishing tools that offer more than just scheduling and posting, to differentiate themselves. So do take a browse around to find one most suited to your needs.
  • Evaluate results
Monitor and check how your posts are doing. The majority of the platforms will show you this and even show other results, like the optimal time to post on that social media platform. 
Are there cons?
Unfortunately, nothing’s perfect. 
  • Instagram 
Built to use as an app, there are some difficulties when using Instagram on desktop. Its growing popularity means a lot of people are using the extra features like IGTV and regularly posting on their stories. Unfortunately, when a publishing tool mentions they can schedule and post these, it’s very likely it’s not true. Double-check if a platform mentions it, look out for an asterisk or a small print. 
  • Users
If you want to have the option of multiple users, on at once, then when you’re looking at the price plans check this information. Many mention it allows 1 user on the platform at a time and for more, it’ll be extra. 
  • Full functionality
With the technical side of social media platforms being advanced and complicated, it means that social media publishing tools might not be able to do everything you want them to. It might be uploading a video or creating a certain post. 
Most of the publishing tools offer free trials or demos, we highly recommend making use of these so you can see what it’s like using the platform. 
  • Limited free plan
Some of the social media publishing tools allow you to use their “free plan” and you guessed it, it’s free for a reason. The limited options might be too limited for you so just make sure to check if it is the right route you want to take. 

propertystrem employee pointing to a social media publishing tool on a laptop

Which one do I use?
There are many different social media publishing tools available that make it difficult to choose. So, you’re probably wondering “how do I pick?”. Think about the following to help you determine which one will be suitable for you: 
  • How much you can spend
  • Which social media platform is most important to your estate agency
  • How many people will need access to  
Get your digital marketing sorted with PropertyStream 
Are you finding it hard to keep on top of your social media marketing? Or even just parts of it? We can create visual assets, write captions for your posts or help you generate ideas for your content. We have a fantastic, experienced marketing team ready to help. 
Interested in estate agency marketing? Take a look at our flexible packages.
Email marketing@propertystream.co or call 0333 242 0647 for a chat.


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