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As you know, as in most industries, the Internet changed everything completely and irrevocably.
And the property sector was no different.
In fact, you might say it was more affected than most.
You see, when property went online, it put the power back in the hands of the people, and allowed them to buy houses how they wanted to buy them.
And if the online revolution wasn’t enough, the smartphone came along and changed everything. Again.
Google states that 96% of consumers now research products and services on their mobile phone.
Not only is this a staggering statistic, but it’s an absolutely vital one for all ambitious agents to listen to, and take action on.
Being online is no longer enough, because peoples’ browsing habits are evolving and changing every year.
Now, you need to be on mobile in a big way.
And here’s how – by going where the attention is:


With a spookily similar stat, 96% of Facebook users access the platform on mobile, which means that with the right targeting, you’ve got a fantastic shot at getting a slice of that attention.
Running Facebook Ad campaigns is a sure fire way to get in front of your local audience on their most popular device.

Text Messaging

The global average open rate of a text message is 94%, which means that if you text someone, you’ve got a massive chance of getting it read.
Incorporating text into your marketing strategy is a smart way to ensure that your prospects actually consume your marketing messages, and as we know, getting something read is the first key to getting someone to act.


YouTube is the world’s second most powerful search engine, and is a fantastic way to access local customers with targeting advertising. Once again, the majority of YouTube videos are watched on mobile, so creating content that works on the smaller screen is a must.

So, there you go: three simple ways to ride the mobile wave – if you need a hand getting any of it implementing, contact us today.
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