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You might recall that last week I introduced the idea of omni-channel marketing – a marketing strategy that:
• Personalises your message across all marketing channels
• Speaks to your prospect wherever they are in the journey and buying process
• Delivers a seamless and on-brand experience, whatever channel the prospect uses to engage with you.
And today, I want to delve deeper into exactly how you can put this into practice in your agency.
But first, let me explain something: omni-channel is not merely “multi-channel marketing”.
We’re not just talking about posting the same stuff on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hoping for the best.
That’s a strategy that places BRAND at the centre of everything.
Omni-channel marketing places your PROSPECT at the centre of everything.
And here’s the key to successfully using omni-channel marketing in the world of buying and selling property:
Unless you get the right data from your prospect, it’s impossible to deliver a tailored experience that meets them where they are.
Let’s use an example – say a prospect has a vague idea that they might want to move, but the first fundamental thing they need to know is whether it’s financially worth them considering it.
Which means they need to know how much their house is worth.
Only when they have that information will messages related to choosing an estate agent resonate with them on a level that makes sense.
Therefore, your strategy needs to include a step that gently moves that prospect from browser to buyer, but until they’ve had a valuation, they should only receive tailored messages encouraging them to have one done.
Once they’ve taken the step, you can consider the next step in your customer journey and create tailored messages that suit that step.
Without the data and intelligence that tells you where your customer is at, omni-channel marketing will have no power.
But with it, your marketing is transformed from something that speaks vaguely to a large group of people to a consultative process that speaks to specific prospects at specific stages.
And that’s very powerful indeed.

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