PropertyStream launches prototype of ground-breaking SignatureAI chatbot solution for estate agents at EA Masters 2023.

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We are excited to unveil the prototype of our ground-breaking SignatureAI product at the EA Masters in London on 7th November 2023. We look forward to showing it to everyone at the event and getting feedback on this exciting product that is soon to launch commercially to estate agents up and down the country.

What is SignatureAI?

SignatureAI is a ground-breaking chatbot for estate agent websites to complement and enhance online experience for visitors and drive more leads.

This powerful and unique product enables estate agents to stay ahead of the game and harness the power of artificial intelligence to elevate online customer experience by giving their website visitors additional ways to connect, engage and attain information.

SignatureAI has been developed in partnership with Crave Interactive, a UK based technology business who are creating the latest AI tools at speed for the hospitality and property sectors.

How does the AI tool work?

The live SignatureAI chatbot is powered through a natural language engine that enables you to speak like a normal human being and receive  answers to questions about services and information such as instant property valuations and property search results.  No need to type details into a form, simply speak to the friendly Signature AI chatbot anytime, anywhere.

Meet Aimee  – our SignatureAI helpful virtual assistant

The chatbot avatar created for SignatureAI is Aimee,  a well informed, virtual representative who is friendly and helpful. Aimee can also book valuations and appointments and make recommendations to property searches.

For visitors who would rather speak to a human, and for requests that the AI chatbot cannot help with, SignatureAI can instantly connect the visitor to the estate agent’s team via an integrated instant video feature. This is a unique and incredibly important feature of the product and means that the new AI tool combines the best automated and personal service in a compelling solution.

Our Digital Director says…

“We are thrilled to introduce SignatureAI, a game-changing solution that takes estate agency to new heights,” said Eddy Bennett, Digital Director and Co-Founder of PropertyStream. AI is transforming the world at an incredible pace and can be very powerful to improve lead generation, user experience and communication choices for customers”.

“The fun part is that we will work closely with clients to develop their own unique avatar for their chatbot application based on the gender, age, background, style and voice that best match their brand and audience demographic. And we’ll give each avatar a name that works for them. It’s quite mind-blowing what can be done with these advanced AI features.”

SignatureAI has been developed in partnership with Crave Interactive, a UK based technology business who are developing the latest AI tools at speed for the hospitality and property sectors. 

A tech partnership

Gareth Hughes, CEO of Crave Interactive says, “The AI Display Window and instant video feature provide a genuinely unique and compelling visitor experience. SignatureAI will redefine the way property businesses engage and connect with their website visitors. We’re excited to be launching this unique product in partnership with PropertyStream who are already leading the way in estate agency web development.”

How does SignatureAI help estate agents?

SignatureAI is designed to complement, never replace, the ways visitors can engage and connect with estate agents. It is built to increase the volume of online leads, valuations and enquiries by helping visitors make a connection with you more quickly.

The integration of the right form of AI also helps to position agents as leaders on the digital trajectory by offering customers the latest tech-enabled tools that add speed and efficiency to initial enquiries. 

As customers increasingly embrace AI technology across various industries, they will naturally grow to expect AI tools and integrations that can improve their online property experience. As a result, it’s essential for estate agents in the UK to seriously consider embracing the AI wave; integrating SignatureAI on their website is an ideal first step on this rapidly advancing journey.

SignatureAI complements PropertyStream’s range of  renowned estate agency websites – Signature23, SignaturePlus and SignaturePro built for for estate agents of any size and budget.

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