Property photos – beware of the dog!

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Did you read about the agency that uploaded a photo of one of its new properties on the books to Rightmove – displaying a pig lounging on the owner’s sofa?

You have to admit, it’s not every day that you browse the property portals, only to come across a farm animal in the living room shot, and it certainly helped this property to stand out!  However, unfortunately this may not have been for the right reasons.

Apparently, the photo went viral, with the Daily Mail picking up the story and running a survey among its readers along the lines of: “Would you buy this property?”  Predictably, a whole host of sarcastic comments were given in reply, and the agency in question removed the photo from the property portals, sharpish.

Generally, it is recommended in property circles that pets do not appear in photos when selling a home.  Granted, a cat sleeping peacefully in the sunlight shining onto a patchwork quilt can look the ultimate in country living.  Equally, a dog reclining on a sofa with a dreamy expression on his face, could appeal to lovers of all things canine.  However, it could equally turn off those who are allergic to animals, who don’t like the idea of them in the house or just as easily, those who don’t fancy hoovering up dog hair for three months, left behind by the previous residents.

Do you have such a policy of not including animals in marketing photos?  If so, how do you approach this with the client? Has a client ever refused point blank to disturb Fido’s siesta and insisted you let their sleeping dog lie?  Share your stories with us

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