People hate to be marketed and advertised at

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When people feel like they’re being “sold to”, or flagrantly followed around, it often has the opposite effect to the one the company doing the marketing intended.

It puts them off the brand, rather than turning them onto it.
But here’s the thing: people still need to buy and sell houses, and without marketing your services and explaining why prospects should choose you, you just won’t be part of the conversation.

How do you solve this conundrum?

It’s simple: you don’t market and advertise AT your audience, because that’s where the trouble comes.
The marketing that turns people off is the marketing that’s clunky, ‘one size fits all’ and unspecific to the precise stage that the prospect is currently at.
In other words, marketing that isn’t as relevant as it needs to be.
Omni-channel marketing allows you to personalise your message across all marketing channels, delivering a seamless experience that is relevant to that specific prospect’s interests and position in the buying process.
And when you do that, marketing doesn’t even register as ‘marketing’. It’s simple ‘helpful information that enables me to make a decision’.
If you want to talk about how to introduce omni-channel marketing into your agency, get in touch on the number below and we’ll talk. And if you’re interested in hearing more about the subject, then you’re in luck – we’ll dive deeper into the topic in next week’s blog.

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