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It’s time for some Valentine love with the day almost upon us. Unfortunately, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic but it didn’t stop a global outpour of love. 

The month of February has become a big symbol of love and showing kindness so we thought it was fitting to share some heartfelt words in this blog. 

Short and sweet, in two few words - THANK YOU.

Thank you to our existing client.

For being supportive, encouraging and accepting of seeing only our faces over Zoom. We know, and absolutely love, face to face contact with clients and feel that this is really important for all parties, but since the government’s recommendation to work from home in March 2020 we have adhered completely to the rules move all our work and teams to home-working.  Since most of us are in Manchester, it’s felt like a very long lockdown as there have been very strict tier systems outwith the lockdowns. 

Thank you for being patient and accepting the times there was the odd interruption of dogs barking, home-schooling, doorbells ringing and the home looking like a construction site with home-improvements going on in the background. Thank you for your patience and good sense of humour when there were, luckily rare, times the internet connections went down or created slight disruptions which meant there were very funny robotic, slow voices and uncomplimentary frozen screens. 

Apart from these common home-working incidents, thankfully, our performance and ability to deliver the highest levels of customer service that PropertyStream clients should expect, has not suffered at all. Indeed our systems, platforms and processes were already fully integrated and digital making online-only and remote working a seamless shift.

propertystream employee typing on a laptop for a new website development project on a white round desk.

Thank you to our new clients.

Previously, we have stated that from 2020 till present, it has been one of the busiest periods for website design and website build, branding and design projects as well as digital marketing support. This is mainly due to more and more estate agencies realising that their digital profile needs to be at the top of its game - this includes having a website that delivers exactly what today’s customers want and expect including, for example, online valuation bookings, virtual property viewings and property video tours. 

When there was a period of uncertainty during the first lockdown and estate agency branches and offices had to close due to lockdown guidelines, many realised that the only way clients and customers were able to engage was online. Although many may have been browsing properties on your website already, it was now the only way to engage along with your social media platforms. 

This has resulted in welcoming a number of new estate agency website design, branding and marketing clients to PropertyStream - thank you for choosing to work with us. Our values include being friendly, committed, confident and straight-talking, and we are very lucky to work with people and companies who echo these. It makes working together so much easier, more productive and more fun and for this, we say thank you.

propertystream employee pointing to a diagram on a white piece of paper which is a plan for a new website

Thank you to our colleagues, suppliers and partners.

We’re longing for the day whee we can work together again in our Manchester office and London office and can’t wait for when we’re able to visit our website, branding and marketing clients across the country or meet partners and suppliers for seminars, training or strategy workshops.

In the last year, the growth has meant we were fortunate enough to expand our team with several colleagues actually joining PropertyStream remotely. We have cemented new relationships with suppliers and providers of relevant products and services linked to our estate agency website development work and long to meet our new-comers face to face as soon as we’re allowed. 

Once again, many thanks to our whole team at PropertyStream for being patient, for working so hard from home, accepting and adopting their homes and lifestyle to ensure our customers continue to receive the best service, and for doing what you can to welcome the new members of the team and new partners, over Zoom!

From our home to yours this Valentine’s Day, and all year round, we would like to offer a heartfelt thank you.

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