Old Albert was right

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I want you to be entirely honest with yourself:
Is there a piece of marketing that you do that just doesn’t work?
If yours is anything like a lot of the agencies I speak to, then the answer is “yes”.
The reality is that in the world of property, there’s a lot of highly ineffective marketing out there, but what’s especially mind-boggling about it is that a huge majority of agencies just keep trucking on with the same old marketing that simply doesn’t work.
In lots of ways, I think we’d all be better off if we started referring to marketing as “lead generation”; after all, that’s what it is.
And by referring to it as lead generation, we’d force ourselves to consider whether our lead generation was actually generating any leads!
If we realised it wasn’t, then we’d need to do something different; after all, it was Albert Einstein who said that, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.
If your lead generation isn’t generating leads, you need to change it for something that does generate leads.
And if you’re shifting guiltily because you know that you just plough on and on with lead generation that doesn’t generate leads, then here’s a pointer:
Information first.
An information first lead generation strategy first focuses on providing useful information to a prospect, before any sales messaging takes place.
Consequently, it’s easier to secure a prospect’s data, since they’re giving you the data in order to receive information rather than be sold to.
And if the information is desirable enough, then it’ll be really easy.
Once you’ve got data, everything is a lot easier, and you can go more down the sales route, but without data, information first is the way to do.


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