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This years changes to pension legislation could result in a lot of investments in the letting market.

according to a study from YouGov and investment adviser, Old Mutual Wealth.

The study showed that 11% of those approaching retirement plan to buy a second home to rent out, compared to the 6% of pensioners who currently rely on this form of income.

But not only is there an increase on people using their pensions to buy a second property, there has been a huge change in demographics where the number of people over 50 are renting their home, and the figures are set to rise at least 6% in the next year.

So it’s been established that renting is no longer a young person’s game.

But what affect will this have on the buying market? Could a surge of retirees entering the buy-to-let market leave young people waving “buy buy” to their chances of home ownership.

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