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For estate agents, it's never been more important to have a strong online presence, especially throughout all the lockdowns we’ve had.

Making your social media content accessible with small changes makes it inclusive and available to a larger audience. 

These changes aren’t big tasks and will make a huge difference to those who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing. 

A lot of devices already have features and tools which make using them easier, these include text to speech and magnifying software. Then there are also many apps that have the ability to help people be more independent. 

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How do you make your social media content more accessible? Here are a list of ways to do this: 

  • Adding image descriptions

Adding an image description or also known as an alternative text (alt text) will allow a screen reader to describe that image to someone who is blind or visually impaired. 

Since visuals are the way forward for social media content, it makes sense that this step is added to your routine to reach more people. 

Tip: the description doesn’t need to be an essay, just write down what you see, enough for someone to imagine.

  • Using CamelCase hashtags

This means capitalising the first word in every hashtag. It means the screen reader will read it correctly but it is also a lot cleaner and easier for people to read in general.


  • Watching the use of emojis

Screen readers can pick up emojis and will read out every single one, which means if you post a lot in your captions it could end up being read out aloud like “House buildings. House buildings. House buildings. House buildings. House buildings.”. 

Tip: best to use emojis at the end of a sentence instead of substituting them for a word.

  • Adding subtitles on videos

Where suitable your video content should have subtitles or captions that are easy to read. This is beneficial in general as a lot of people will scroll through their platforms without the sound on.

Facebook does have the functionality to automatically create subtitles but it is worth noting that it is not completely accurate. For example, the time our Marketing Director Pernilla Tweddle’s name was changed to Vanilla Twinkle! 

These small and simple changes can really make a difference and make your content more accessible. 

While you practice all these methods, be alert for any new features or tools that become available on the platforms to make posts more accessible, technology changes fast.

Don’t have time to deal with your social media?

PropertyStream have a team of skilled designers and marketers who can help you by creating branded, striking visuals that will make a splash to writing captivating captions and posting them onto your platform. 

Wherever in your marketing strategy are struggling, our flexible service means we can assist where it’s needed. 

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