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Every business should have a great website. A website that is focused around the user journey, which captures leads and converts them into customers. The problem with user journey is that not every user is the same. Of course, the majority of users will follow similar behaviours but what about those who may get lost? The easy solution… A live chat plugin. Here are 5 reasons why you need live chat on your website!

Responsive - In the busy world we live, people need fast answers. If a user is looking for a particular product or content on the site and can’t find it quickly, they will likely lose interest and look elsewhere. Live chat solves this problem by acting quickly and providing them an immediate response and enabling them to connect with you directly.

Customer service - In the UK we adopt a “customer is always right” attitude, so why are customers continuously put on hold, even though research suggests over 50% of them hang up and 34% never call back. Live chat gives businesses the opportunity to provide good customer service to rectify situations, provide solutions and generally help out the customer in any way possible.

Cost - Live chat is also cost effective! With just a one-off payment and no subscription required, our live chat plug-in is available for just £600. NOTE: Live chat is available for just £499 until the end of May.

Real time - Remember the time when queries would be dealt with via letter, email or an agonising 3-hour phone call? Now they can be dealt with in real time. By responding to queries in real time, you allow for problems to be solved immediately, enhancing your reputation for a being a business that puts customers first!

Conversion - Last but certainly not least, is conversions. As previously mentioned, with our modern, hectic lifestyles people are impatient. If they get lost on their journey on the website having a quick fix solution is great to ensure your website is properly converting users. You can also just install live chat on targeted pages such as the ‘contact us’ page.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our client EweMove has had some great results from using live chat. When speaking about the plug in Glenn Ackroyd, Head Shepherd at EweMove said “We saw live chat as a really good way of engaging people. It enabled people to ask common questions such as the price of the franchises and requesting the information packs. We found the uptake was far higher than just using the regular static website. Typically, we’re getting over 60 leads per month just using the live chat.”


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