Letterboxes awash

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Letterboxes awash

Back in 1999, our letterboxes were awash with promotional materials, sales letters, brochures and all manner of printed collateral.

It was too much, and as a result, we stopped consuming what people were sending us, and started throwing it away.

Fast forward two decades, and things have changed. A lot.

The digital revolution has seen marketing spend shift towards online media; Facebook, Google and email marketing are all seen as vital to survival in 2019 and beyond.

And it’s no different in the property world – all of the brands we’ve worked with, including Martin & Co and EweMove, rely on an online presence to generate leads, get customers and gain instructions.

As a result of all this online activity, physical and offline media has taken something of a backseat, providing a phenomenal opportunity for property brands who know what they’re doing to use offline to get their prospects’ attention and generate more leads in the process.

After all, that’s what marketing is all about – getting enough attention to be able to convince your prospect that you’re worthy of more investigation, and giving you permission to sell to them.

The forward-thinking property brands are now realising that where people used to get 10 pieces of post every day, they now only get one or two.

Which means that if you can something physical into the hands of your prospect, you’re competing against far fewer organisations for that prospects’ attention.

We all get hundreds of emails every week, and our Facebook feeds are plastered with people trying to sell us products and services, but precious few brands are maximising the attention opportunity that the letterbox brings.

And it’s not just attention.

People trust direct mail more than they trust the things they read on the internet.

People keep hold of direct mail for far longer than they do an email.

Direct mail cuts through the online clutter and delivers a message to your prospect in a way that no digital media does, so if you’re serious about standing out, there’s a good chance direct mail should be part of your marketing mix.

If you’d like to talk about how you could make direct mail work for your agency, get in contact with us today.

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