Kissing strangers

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Here’s a question:
Would you try and kiss a stranger?
The chances are that unless you’re under 18, you wouldn’t, for the simple reason that you haven’t been given any indicators that a kiss would be well received.
But despite the obviousness of this statement, estate agents all over the UK are doing the equivalent, by asking their prospects to take steps that they aren’t comfortable with, or that they haven’t earned.
And when you start to think about your interactions with prospects like this, you start to make better decisions about every aspect of your marketing.
So, with that in mind, let’s walk through the customer journey, from their perspective.
Their first click…
It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everyone who lands on your website immediately trusts you, likes you and wants to take the next step, but that isn’t the case.
For the first few seconds after a visitor lands on your website, there’s a huge amount of internal processing that takes place:
Who are these guys?
Can they help me?
Why should I trust them?
If the page that they’re on answers those questions in abundance, it’ll lower their natural barriers and move them closer towards being receptive to your advances.
But if it doesn’t, and you still go for the jugular, the chances of a positive result are massively reduced.
So, what’s the takeaway?
Simple: are you asking strangers to kiss you?
Or, in your web copy, your images and your use of customer testimonials, are you immediately eliciting trust and bringing people close enough to you to suggest that a kiss might be, not just appropriate, but the perfect next step?

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