Ignoring the service light

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We both know how important an effective web presence is for estate agents in 2019.
Whether you’re a fan of the digital revolution or not, what’s undeniable is that it’s changed the property industry unalterably, and if you don’t have an effective website to attract sellers, as well as ensuring that your properties are on the relevant property portals, you’re going to struggle.
And that’s why – quite rightly – there has been an increased focus on creating the right estate agency website, with a lot of agents recognising the need for a better online presence, and taking action to create one.
But here’s the problem: for lots of them, the work is done as soon as the website is live.
They don’t do any updates or any checks and just leave it to get on with its job.
This approach is fine for a while, but over time it’s the worst thing you can do.
A successful website is a bit like a car – it needs looking after and servicing; it needs wiper fluid and oil top-ups.
You probably wouldn’t ignore the ‘Service Light’ on your vehicle, because you know that servicing is a vital way to keep it healthy and in use for the longest period of time.
There might be no light on your website, but it’s the same principle.
Security needs updating.
Plugins need refreshing.
Font subscriptions need renewing.
Property feed issues need ironing out.
New content needs adding.
The list goes on and on, and the sad reality is that lots of agents don’t do any of these things, and the result is that their websites aren’t effective as they could be, nor do they last as long as they should do.

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