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Would you benefit from a FREE consultation with the design and website team behind the recent £15 million estate agent success story?

My name’s Robin Arnold – I’m the co-owner here at Property Stream – the creative partner to businesses in the property sector.

We’ve been working with businesses in the property industry for nearly five years now, and we’re the team behind EweMove’s branding, marketing collateral and website.

You’ve probably heard of EweMove – just a few of months ago they were sold to the Property Franchise Group for £15 million, and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m certain that we contributed considerably towards their stratospheric growth and subsequent sale.

Why am I certain? Well, for a start the EweMove website we designed and built was voted No1 Website for Sales and Lettings at the Negotiator Awards and Best Website of 2016 at the Times/Sunday Times Awards.

Enough about us – I’m writing this letter to you after all.

If you’re an estate agent, and the kind of success that EweMove has achieved appeals to you, then I think you’ll definitely find what I’ve got to say interesting.

We’re on the lookout for another estate agent that we can partner with, to dramatically transform their brand and website; all with the aim of helping them to generate the sort of revenue they really want.

It could be you. But I’m not trying to “sell” you our services here.

Our partnership with EweMove was (and is) built on relationship, and I firmly believe that the kind of growth they’ve achieved is not possible without building long-term relationships with crucial service providers.

So what this letter is designed to do is simple – I don’t want to “sell” you a website, I’d simply like to take a step towards us getting to know each other a little better and determining whether we could be the right partners for each other.

But whilst I think it’s important to take your time before deciding on a design partner, I would also say this:
The estate agency world is changing, and surviving and thriving is all about SWIFTLY adapting to these changes.
It’ll be too late soon. Fail to follow the market’s clues, and surviving will be touch and go, with no thriving in sight.
EweMove followed where the market was going, and adapted swiftly to take maximum advantage.

In truth, it was “online” where they really WON...

If you’d like to do the same, then I’d urge you to take the first step, and that’s a thorough review of where you are right now.

That’s where we come in.

During June, I’m able to offer you a “Website Consultation”, free of charge.

Conducted on the phone or on Skype, we’ll do a “deep dive” into your website and your overall online presence and review it for you, giving you the benefit of our advice and expertise.

Over 60 minutes, we’ll look at the usability of your website, the effectiveness of your brand, your positioning and much, much more, at the same time explaining some of the things we did to help EweMove maximise their online potential.

We usually charge a one-off fee of £600 for a review this comprehensive, but if you get in touch to book yours before close of play on 1st July, you’ll get it for FREE.

You might not be sure about whether we can add value to your business, the way we did for EweMove, and the way we’ve done with other brands like Whitegates, Parkers, Martin & Co, Ellis & Co, Belvoir, Knight Frank and independents like Redmove, Meyers, Redstones, and Jordan & Halstead.

That’s absolutely fine. I wouldn’t expect to convince you with one letter. But hopefully what I have done is given you the motivation to at least understand where you’re at and whether you’re ready for the changes in the market that are already upon us.

If we have the consultation and you are, then I’ll congratulate you and wish you luck.

If you’re not, I’ll explain what you need to do in order to be ready.

To schedule your completely free consultation, just pick up the phone and give us a call on 0161 672 7820 or drop an email over to robin@propertystream.co

I look forward to catching up on our consultation.

Speak soon,

Robin Arnold
Co-founder of Property Stream

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