Jun 26, 2015

High Street or Online??

Almost every agent in the property market has been involved in the mighty war online vs traditional.

Online estate agencies have only around 5% market share, however for the little time they have been around compared to high-street agencies, it’s leaving industry bodies feeling a little threatened.

We are going to inform you of a little fact that will completely change the way you view the fight…

An online presence is defined as any existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search.

This means many of the traditional agencies that are shaking in their smartly polished boots, are really worrying about a take-over from a service that they already offer.

Of course agencies who fail to move with the digital changes will drop off like flies in the forever competitive market, but that doesn’t mean shut down all your shops and start writing the redundancy cheques just yet.

Foxtons, the London high street agency, have 300% more website traffic than the top 5 online estate agents put together.

There are obviously pros and cons to both online and traditional, so why are you not making the most of both?

Stunning websites with easy, efficient property management systems AND the dapper agent with the gift of the gab to give customers that one on one service that is highly regarded within our industry.

There is hardly such thing as online vs high street, both merely should go hand in hand.


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