Jun 18, 2021

GOAL! Are you meeting them?


The digital world doesn’t sleep, constant changes and the 24/7 availability means your brand doesn’t either. 
So, is your marketing, website or branding meeting your current business goals? Have they changed since your last refresh? Then it’s time for that new look to reflect that. 
The Euros have even gone through a change in logos since starting out. Especially, since 1996 when the Euros was held in England, since then every 4 years the logo has looked different. 
There are very few logos out there that are timeless, design trends change like fashion trends do. Some designs are in at the time but then become outdated, for example, the Euros logo from 1960-1992 were all very similar and we would now say the typography used in it looks very retro but that was very much in style back in those years. 
Similarly, with estate agencies, did you start out as an independent branch and have grown over the years to be an established brand with multi-office locations? Or are you well-known in the area but trying to keep up with the new competition that has popped up in recent years? Or maybe, you are starting your own estate agency and need to stand out from the crowd. 
With changes going on, your branding, website or marketing deserves the upgrades and new look.

estate agent looking at his phone and laptop at a report detailing reaching their goals

Get the ball rolling:
  • Current evaluation
Take a step back and take a look at your current situation, undertake an internal evaluation. Are you happy with your current website, marketing or branding? Are they meeting your current business goals?
  • What are your timings?
Do you have a deadline? Perhaps you are acquiring new premises or other changes are going on and you would like it all to be on the same timeline. 
  • Your budget?
Figuring out finances and knowing what you can use at your disposal will help you realise when and how you will reach your goals. 
  • Ask members of staff
Speak to your team, find out if they think your current website, branding or marketing are meeting the current goals. 

estate agents discussing in an office how to reach their goals

Don’t forget:
  • Be realistic
Don’t set far fetched goals, you’ll end up hoofing the ball and could find it frustrating. 
  • Research
Do some homework and look into what others are doing, it could inspire and help you. 
  • Align with the vision
Set your short-term goals to match and meet your long-term goals, that is the ultimate aim after all. 
PropertyStream are your go-to!
At PropertyStream, you’ll find the whole package. Our team are filled with fantastic people who can help bring your website, branding and marketing to life. Make everything consistent by getting it all done under one roof – get all your goals in the back of the net!
Find out how we can help or get in touch for a chat, email enquiries@propertystream.co or call us on 0333 242 0647.


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