Getting the Best Estate Agency Website Design

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Is the design of your estate agency website living up to its expectations?

Whether you realise it or not, the design of your estate agent website can have a significant impact on your overall business. Think of it as the face of your company, the central point of your corporation, and one of the first places any potential new customer will visit. So it’s important to make sure that it draws in any potential new leads, helps you stand out from your competitors, and that it essentially does what you need it to do. We’ve shared below just a few pointers that you should be asking of your website to check that it’s living up to all your expectations (and more)…


It’s believed that generic branding and templated websites can act as a potential barrier to business growth. By making your estate agency website design unique, it’s likely that you’ll generate much more leads through innovative branding and strategically applied digital marketing.


Another test to assess your website’s overall business potential is to type your company name into Google to see where it ranks. If you’re not in at least the top five – you need to be seriously thinking about incorporating search engine optimisation principles into your website’s design and content to increase search engine awareness, improve your rankings, and drive traffic.


You need to examine whether your website design conveys your estate agent brand and delivers your key messages. Ideally, you want to let people know through your website design why you’re different from other estate agents out there and precisely what you can offer them. Seek out your competitors, research what they are doing, and ensure you’re doing it better.


Consistency throughout your estate agent website will improve its overall aesthetics. And, simple steps like making sure your site branding matches your marketing brand will have a much bigger overall impact.


Potential customers need to be able to access your estate agent website with ease, so it’s essential to make sure that it’s not sluggish and they are free to navigate around the site easily.
If it’s too slow, or takes too many moves to get to the right information, you could risk losing valuable leads.

Be Proud

Attention to detail is key, so don’t forget to mention anything that is unique about your estate agents and any special services that you offer. Highlight your successes by celebrating any awards or accolades your company has achieved.


To keep your estate agents website design current and up-to- date, make sure you are able to quickly and easily make changes and amends to the site yourself, rather than relying on a third party.

Added Value

Your website design can do more than just show off your brand, it can also add value to your business offering. The forward-thinking estate agents out there are leveraging website technology that keeps their customers up-to- date, reduces time spent on administration, takes online payments and create scalable business models.


Are you keeping track of your website visitors and analysing their behaviour? By tracking critical statistics such as bounce rates, time spent on key landing pages and the use of calls to action and data capture forms, you can learn about how potential customers are using your website and optimise it to generate even more enquiries.

If you need any guidance or support about your current estate agency website design and performance, please do contact a member of the team.

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