Get ready for National Tell a Joke Day

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With National Tell a Joke Day coming up on the 16th of August, we decided to find some of the funniest property related jokes.

Share them with your clients and audience to celebrate the day and put a smile on someone's face! 

Jokes about property

  • What do you call a Spanish guy crossing your property?

    • Tresspassito 

  • We got a new sofa from the furniture store yesterday

    • Sofa-r, so good

  • Zombies are most afraid of the living room

  • How did the computer get out of the house? 

    • He used Windows

  • What area of a room is the warmest? 

    • The corner - it’s always 90 degrees

  • What do you call 2 witches who share a haunted house? 

    • Broommates 

  • What kind of TV do you find inside a haunted house?

    • A wide scream TV

  • Where does a sink go dancing? 

    • The dish-co

Here are some bonus jokes, just for estate agents. 

Jokes for estate agents

  • How many ants do you need to rent out an apartment? 

    • Tenants

  • How many safety inspectors does it take to change a lightbulb?

    • Four. One to change it and three to hold the ladder. 

  • What does a British estate agent care about the most?

    • Their proper-tea

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