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Estate agents – how effective is YOUR social media activity?

I read an article last week, which outlined beautifully how an estate agent in West Hampstead didn’t simply use social media to promote its latest properties, but devised a creative campaign which resulted in greater engagement.

With a new marketing manager on board, Paramount began by analysing its customer base.  Focusing locally, this well-established agency needed to differentiate itself from a whole host of other agencies in the immediate area.

Market research identified that residents of West Hampstead often like to travel to exotic destinations. With that in mind, a marketing campaign making full use of social media was created.  The concept revolved around a tote bag, printed with a map of the local area, which was given away for free.  In return, recipients were asked to take a photo of the bag situated in their holiday destination, which would be posted onto social media; the winner for the best photo each month receiving vouchers for local shops.

Photos included destinations such as the Antarctic, the Super Bowl final and the Gobi Desert.  The leap in engagement through social media is unknown, but Twitter followers have now exceeded 4000.

Paramount has identified that effective marketing activity needs to be constant, engaging and certainly, different.  This particular campaign has resulted in the agency being shortlisted in The Guardian’s Small Business Showcase competition – not only offering an excellent PR opportunity, but reinforcing the idea of professionalism, individuality and attention to detail to its reputation.

So ask yourself – why is your agency maintaining social media accounts?  If all you see when you look at your timeline is a list of new properties and RTs from other sources, then you need to be analysing what the time and resources involved in maintaining this activity is actually delivering.  How can you reinforce other marketing activity?  How can you increase engagement?  It may be time to analyse your social media marketing approach.

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