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Research suggests over 80% of estate agent enquiries now happen online. This means having an optimised website is now, more than ever, crucial for estate agents to succeed. With increased competition, new regulation and legislation and time being such a valuable asset to an agent, updating your website can seem pretty low down on your priority list. However, when you consider that 8 out of 10 buyers and sellers are potentially looking for an agent online, can you really to be missing out on new instruction? The days of mailing out hundreds of leaflets and waiting by the phone are long gone, it's all about finding and converting leads and the best way to do that... with a well-optimised website.

Types of optimisation...

Mobile - Almost half of all traffic online is accessed by a smartphone. It's understandable if you consider how many times you check the internet on your mobile compared to logging onto a desktop or laptop each day. Worryingly, estate agent websites are still not fully optimised for mobile. Mobile users interact differently with your website and if clear call to actions are not easily and quickly accessible, people soon lose their patience and you lose a lead. When we relaunched EweMove's website this year to ensure it was fully optimised, mobile lead enquiries rocket by 96% in the first week! You can view their full case study here.

Search Engine - One thing that has really changed the game for independent and smaller agencies are search engines. They have given accessibility to agents who would have only been able to target a smaller, local audience by giving them huge reach to a whole new audience. SEO is a critical part of any business's marketing strategy, but even more so for such a competitive industry. You could have the most stunning website in the industry, with strategic call to actions and data captures enhanced to capture leads but if nobody online can find your site except those who already know about you, what is the point?

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