Google Adwords – Three major reasons why estate agents should use it

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Google Adwords and Paid Search for Estate Agents


When it comes to marketing your Estate Agency with Google Adwords, unless you have a digital background, it's not hard to get bogged down by the all abbreviations that often get used.

Between the CTRs, BRs, and the PPCs that are casually thrown around our boardroom, we understand why some estate agents throw in the towel on their marketing strategy.

While the marketing terms can seem intense and overbearing, they actually don’t bite as much as you think they will. Not to mention they are vital in creating a successful online presence. The better your exposure, the more customers you put yourself in front of, the better your bottom line. It is as simple as that. We don’t expect to turn you into a technical jargon wizard, but we do want to help you gain some clarity on what some of the words mean: in particular — PPC and Google Adwords. 

What is Paid Search?

Exactly as it sounds on the tin, PPC stands for pay-per-click. You’ll also hear the words 'paid search’, ‘sponsored links’, or ‘sponsored ads’; but in plain English, they all mean the same thing. They are a type of marketing which essentially puts your website at the top of the pile above your competition, and you pay every time someone clicks on your link. It’s a shortcut to getting to the top of Google by buying visits, rather than “earning” those page rankings and visits organically.

Here’s one we made earlier:

Estate agent google adwords example

Why should you consider Google Adwords for your estate agency?

1. Big returns

As with most things in business, it pays when you speculate to accumulate. When it comes to PPC, that return can be substantial. For a typical goods business, they may pay £1.50 a click, but then make a sale of £300. Compared to your property business or estate agency, how much is one new customer worth to you? Quite a handsome difference, we are sure you will agree.

2. Flexible

Most marketing methods can take a few months for you to start seeing a return on investment. Brochures can only reach potential clients as fast and as far as you distribute them. Not to discredit this as a valid form to market, but to strengthen your other marketing methods, PPC is a great supplement. You can turn it on and off as you please and set your budget. You can pick and choose what words you’re targeting too. So if you’d like to boost sales, or property management, or launch a new route entirely, you have the freedom to do so.

3. You’re positioned at your customer's fingertips

By putting yourself at the top of the Google rankings, you place yourself in prime position. Your market audience will see you above your competition as and when they need you. In fact, over 50% of users click on the top four paid adverts. Is that business that you can afford to miss?

Based on your target market and your marketing goals, we can help you. We analyse your business objectives and put together a focused campaign to reach your intended audience. What's more, we will be there every step of the way, carrying out ongoing monitoring to ensure your campaigns are performing as they should.

Here at Property Stream, we design and build estate agent websites that get results. If your site isn’t performing as you hoped or if you’d like to discuss a new project, get in touch today on 0161 672 7820. We'd love to have a chat with you about your marketing strategy and talk you through how PPC will transform your digital plan.

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